How to Utilize a TikTok Marketing Campaign

How to Utilize a TikTok Marketing Campaign

How to Utilize a TikTok Marketing Campaign 1500 1000 Kraus Marketing

TikTok Marketing: Catching You Up with Today’s Hottest Social Platform

Right now, TikTok is one of the hottest social media platforms on the market and one of the most downloaded apps in the world. Although it seems nearly ubiquitous among the teenage demographic, many older audiences have remained out of the loop. Here’s the scoop on this super popular platform, as well as tips on how your business can get in on TikTok marketing.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is an app developed for the international market that hosts videos up to 15 seconds long, made primarily by a younger demographic. TikTok’s most well-known feature is probably its lip-sync videos, which play music for users to lip-sync and dance to, creating their own music videos. The app has taken off with viral dances, hashtag challenges, and comedy videos, becoming hugely popular among young people between 10 and 19.

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Today it’s home to over 1 billion users across 150 countries, including some celebrities and even TikTok influencers. With so many users and such a global reach, TikTok is a largely untapped marketing opportunity. Although some savvy brands have been ahead of the curve in realizing TikTok’s advertising potential, many businesses do not understand how successful TikTok marketing can be. If you want to get in on the action, here are some great ways to market using TikTok.

Know Your Target Audience

TikTok’s largest demographic is young women between 10 and 19 years old. Because of the nature of the app, most users are looking for content that is fun, high energy, and interesting. Make sure your advertising matches the excitement and culture of the rest of the platform, or else you might seem out of touch. Using music, dance, or bright graphic design in your advertising is a great way to appeal to the app’s young and hip audience. Because young women make up the largest part of TikTok’s userbase, beauty products, fashion items, skincare, and other products that are particularly popular with teenage girls will likely do well advertising on this platform. If you’re thinking about starting a TikTok marketing campaign, make sure to consider who your audience is and how you’re going to engage them.

Start a Hashtag Challenge

TikTok is all about going viral, and the best way to do that is with a hashtag challenge. Brands can post a fun video set to a popular song, tag it with unique branded hashtag, and invite users to use the same hashtag and song to recreate the video. With so many creators making their own versions and tagging it under the same branded hashtag, your brand can easily reach a huge audience in a short time. It ties together creativity and consumer engagement, harnessing the power of the popular platform to organically advertise your brand. The best part is that most of this publicity is from user-generated content, which feels more organic and authentic than paid advertising does.

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Consider TikTok Influencers

Like Instagram, TikTok has given rise to its own set of influencers. Paid promotions with popular users on TikTok can make your brand feel cool, glamorous, or just plain fun. It uses the internalized fear of missing out (or FOMO) that social media thrives on not only to show that popular users love your brand, but that others should too.

After seeing a promotional TikTok video, other users may then purchase from your brand so that they can join in on the fun started by your influencer. It’s another organic way to spread content, with the added bonus of a built in “cool factor”—the young people who use TikTok will readily look up to and try to follow popular influencers, because what they do sets the standard for cool on the app.

Don’t Forget About In-Feed Ads

Another, less organic option for TikTok marketing is a traditional ad. It will appear in the video feed as users are watching content, and can be a way to use graphic design or other traditional advertising elements, rather than the music and dancing of a TikTok video. But be careful—these ads are skippable, so make sure yours is worth watching!

The upside is that this is an easier entry to TikTok marketing than other options if you are still getting a feel for the platform. If you haven’t figured out who the best influencers are or what the hottest new trend is just yet, in-feed ads are a good bet. You can always upgrade to influencer and organic content once you see how your traditional advertisements perform on the platform. It can also be a great way to get TikTok users familiar with your brand before you make your big move and aim for TikTok fame.

TikTok may be a super trendy social media site among young people right now, but that doesn’t need to intimidate you. The site is built on music, dancing, and fun, and has some amazing opportunities for organic branded content. If you want to get in on TikTok marketing, start watching some TikTok videos and remember these tips!

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