Why Brewery Marketing is Essential for Your Endeavor

Why Brewery Marketing is Essential for Your Endeavor

Why Brewery Marketing is Essential for Your Endeavor 1500 1000 Kraus Marketing

Make Sure You Budget For A Brewery Marketing Strategy

The brewery industry is steadily increasing sector in the United States, and experts believe it won’t be slowing down soon. While it seems like a worthwhile venture to dive into, a highly saturated industry comes with competition. If your company wants to stand out, it is crucial to have a sound brewery marketing strategy in place.

To set your brewery apart, it must have a distinguishing feature. Millennials, who make up the majority of yearly visitors, are drawn to experience-based locations. To enjoy a drink, consumers now don’t have to attend a traditional bar. Concert venues, bowling alleys, ax-throwing spaces, and more all offer drinking along with an activity.

While, previously, breweries’ marketing strategy focused on pushing their crafted beers, it now must be about the experience. For your brewery, start with why customers will want to spend time there. Then, build your marketing campaign around this.

While you may be a new business or are looking to take it to the next level, you don’t need a big budget to get your marketing campaign in front of the right people. Here’s what your brewery should be focusing on while marketing on a tighter budget.

  1. Drive that distinguishing factor. While there are a growing number of breweries, there are endless factors that can make you stand out. Are your walls littered with local art, do you import rare ingredients, is there a specialty flavor only you make, is your location an untraditional space? You need one good unique point that you can use to market and sell. Remember, people are willing to spend more for a service or product they can’t get elsewhere.
  2. Partner with businesses in your community. Being active and participating in local events as a vendor or sponsor is a great way to get your name out there and get people talking. Then, get your craft drinks stocked in local restaurants and businesses. These efforts will be key to getting your brewery a household name in your community. If your area attracts frequent tourists or travelers, they’ll know exactly where to visit for a drink.
  3. Host a variety of events everyone will love. Breweries are built on socialization, not isolation. People come to spend time and enjoy the atmosphere you carefully created. To make your brewery a space where all feel welcomed, host events that cater to the entire friend group, not just the ones that appreciate a well-made drink. Game nights, trivia, comedy, “yappy hour” (dog-friendly), and viewing parties are all events you can incorporate into your weekly schedule.
  4. Launch a newsletter e-blast. Creating a weekly or monthly newsletter e-blast can go a long way to reach your customers and let them know of all those events you’ll be hosting. Emails are also a great way to introduce new brews to your customers, menu changes, or location updates. After all, for every $1 you spend on an email campaign, there is a $42 return on investment.

These brewery marketing tactics are proven to be effective without taking up a large sum of your overall budget. While you may not implement all of these, creating a consistent and recognizable story for your customers is vital. What may be right for you is teaming up with a full-service digital marketing agency, such as Kraus Marketing, to create a website, brand, and digital presence that is sure to get people into your brewery and coming back for a second round of drinks.

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