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Benefits of a Restaurant Having a #foodstagram

Benefits of a Restaurant Having a #foodstagram

Don’t let the name intimidate you; a foodstagram is just what it sounds like: an Instagram page devoted to food. That means all content posted has to do with food, whether it’s what the user is eating or where they’re buying it from, food is the primary subject being posted. This particular Instagram is especially useful for restaurants looking to join social media, gain a following, and even increase their popularity (and sales) in a community. Here are some benefits of restaurants having a foodstagram.

  • When it comes to food, people eat with their eyes first. Instagram is a photo based social platform, making it easy for restaurants to show off their new menu items or promote their signature dish. Not only is Instagram useful for promoting food and beverage, but it also helps to promote the restaurant environment. Showing off aspects of the restaurant that make it unique will capture the eye of people searching for a great place. If the restaurant has a cozy couch a customer can enjoy coffee on, a great bar that is always crowded on Friday nights, or floor to ceiling glass doors that open out to a patio for brunch, these are aspects to show off on Instagram. Not only will potential customers get to know the food, but they’ll get to know the environment and atmosphere they’re going to.
  • A restaurant having a foodstagram will allow it to engage with customers. Having an active social media platform will encourage customers to take their own photos at the restaurant and share it with their followers, bringing more eyes to the restaurant’s page than just the people who are following it. The more people who come to the restaurant’s page, the more likely they are to follow the account, and the more likely they are to step foot in the actual restaurant.
  • Before posting a photo, customers tag the location of the restaurant. This is beneficial because now-a-days, people research where they’re going to eat before taking a chance on trying something new. When a new customer goes to search the restaurant’s location on Instagram, an archive will show up containing posts that have been tagged at the restaurant, showing its popularity, environment, and food, which will ultimately spark interest in the potential customer.
  • Social media users love to see what happens behind the scenes and Instagram stories make it easy to share what happens in the kitchen or between shifts at a restaurant. The restaurant can take a story of the chefs preparing for dinner, a bar tender making a fancy drink, or the food coming out of the oven. Once posted, Instagram followers can view the story and become more connected to the restaurant, making them feel more welcomed and familiar upon arrival.
  • Instagram allows you to connect with customers by reposting photos the customers have taken and giving them a shout out in the comment section. This encourages other customers to take photos to get featured on their favorite restaurant’s page.

To see what a successful foodstagram looks like, check out the Committed Pig’s instagram (@thecommittedpig) and see how they connect to their audience with eye-catching dishes and new and upcoming specials. Note how it has vibrant and clear photographs, which add to the professional yet welcoming aesthetic of the Instagram page.

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