New Social Media Marketing Package for Restaurateurs!

New Social Media Marketing Package for Restaurateurs!

New Social Media Marketing Package for Restaurateurs! 560 315 Kraus Marketing


As a digital marketing agency, we understand that social media promotion for restaurants differs greatly from that of some other industries. This is where the inspiration for our Restaurateur Social Media Package came from.

Fewer markets are more competitive than the restaurant industry. Obtaining visibility for the brand is essential to any restaurant’s success. Social media promotion is not only relevant, but opens up doors to active audience engagement. When your audience feels connected to your business, they are more likely to seek your business out. This is the foundation of the new service we will be providing to any clients seeking a strong social media presence for their restaurant’s brand.

The Restaurateur Social Media Package will include the following;

  • 3 Posts per week on Facebook and Instagram respectively to keep you top of mind for your audience
  • A 1-hour monthly photoshoot monthly to ensure you have beautiful “thumb-stopping” imagery that will have your potential customers drooling

The highlight of this package is the photoshoot. Gone are the days of using stock images to attempt to represent your unique brand! Time to show your audience what you’re really about! During this photoshoot, we will be representing your brand as you see fit. This is a great way to promote menu specials and atmosphere to your audience. Utilizing organic pictures of your brand’s services will connect your audience to your phenomenal dishes directly. These images will leave you a step ahead of the competition.

Don’t sleep on this opportunity! Get a jump start on your social media game and be a part of our restaurateur social media package offer today.

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