5 Digital Marketing Mistakes Killing Your Brand

5 Digital Marketing Mistakes Killing Your Brand

5 Digital Marketing Mistakes Killing Your Brand 2560 1709 Kraus Marketing

5 Digital Marketing Mistakes Killing Your Brand

The digital marketing industry is an ever-changing, monolithic entity. Making your brand stand out from the rest is the key to survival. The best way to advance your digital marketing strategies is through avoiding critical mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, some more severe than others. Take this opportunity to avoid these common digital marketing mistakes and ensure that your brand withstands the test of time.

  • Losing Sight of Your Objective

There’s a reason that a company’s go-to interview question is ‘What’s your 5-year plan?’ It’s important to have goals set and understand the steps necessary to get there. Your brand should be no different. All too often, we see brands just going through the motions without a firm grasp of what their end goal is. You should be aware of what your objective is and how its potential success will be measured prior to launching a digital marketing campaign.

Even the best laid plans occasionally fall flat. We are not saying that you cannot stray from the course. There is plenty of wiggle room once your goals have been set, just don’t lose sight of your end goal. Changing your course of action is recommended when things aren’t going according to plan, but don’t take too many unnecessary steps that may lead you further from your objective.

  • Overlooking Analytics

Analytics are your friend. They are there for a reason, so make sure to use the resources you are given to better track the progress of your digital marketing campaigns. Without them, you are shooting in the dark, for lack of a better term. The data from analytics are an invaluable resource and will give you the tools necessary to better understand audience reactions to your campaign. With analytics, the data can be broken down extensively, giving you details that will uncover critical information to your campaign.

Analytics are your all powerful, all seeing friend, that encompasses all the information you could ever need to track your progress. When all its avenues are combined you can determine if your strategy is working and if your money is being well-spent. If the answer to either these questions aren’t promising, you can move forward and create content that your audience reacts positively to. 

  • Prematurely Shutting Down Marketing Campaigns

Let’s put this myth to rest: digital marketing campaigns create immediate, tangible results. While there are instances where this may be the case, this is often not realistic. Marketing your brand is a long-term investment that requires momentum and constant nurturing. Don’t make the mistake of pulling the plug on a campaign that is not showing results. Instead, analyze the data and determine how you can improve upon said campaign. If you are consistently analyzing and tweaking your digital marketing efforts, in time, your campaign will show desirable results.

  • Not Doing Your Research

The best way to start off on the right foot is by ensuring that the proper research has been done surrounding your brand. From competitive research, to constant fact-checking, engaging in effective research saves you the heartache of blind digital marketing. The digital landscape is a constantly changing platform. The only way to keep up with industry trends and standards is through effective research.

Understanding your competitors is a good starting point for your digital marketing strategy. It can help you understand what works, and what does not work in your respective marketing avenue. You can uncover effective keywords in your field and use them to your advantage. Once your brand launches digital marketing initiatives, the research does not cease.

You want to be sure that the information that you are giving to the public is both relevant and factual. The internet can be a dangerous place, and you better believe that if either of these things don’t hold true, the wonderful patrons of the digital landscape will be quick to jump down your throat. This is not a good look, and is a very quick way to hurt your brand.

  • Overpromoting Your Product

There is a time and a place for promoting your brands products and services. Too much promotion, and your audience will catch on to you constantly shoving advertisements in their face. Too little, and your audience will begin to dissipate moving onto brands with a more relevant online presence. There is a sweet spot existing between all of this that you need to hit, but the trouble becomes finding this spot. The best course of action is to set a schedule for your campaign and stick to it. At first, it will be difficult to determine when and how you should be engaging your audience. In time, this information will become clear if you are properly maintaining your campaign.

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