The Power of Integrating Testimonial Quotes on Your Website

The Power of Integrating Testimonial Quotes on Your Website

The Power of Integrating Testimonial Quotes on Your Website 1280 654 Kraus Marketing

How Testimonial Quotes Can Increase Your Sales

Testimonial quotes are like free ad copy you can utilize across your marketing. Testimonials are reviews from customers who have already made a purchase and are willing to provide positive feedback to vouch for the success of the product or service. Testimonials can set you apart from your competition, help overcome buyer skepticism, and build a layer of trust between your company and the customer. Customers like to know that others have had success with a company before committing to it themselves. Keep reading to find out how you can incorporate testimonial quotes on your website to increase your sales.

Where to Place Testimonial Quotes on Your Website

Many businesses chose to have testimonial quotes featured on the homepage. This allows consumers to view the content as soon they open your site, just as they are finding out all other information about your company.

If you are selling specific products or services, it would be wise to have relevant testimonial quotes on corresponding product pages. Consumers are prone to looking for some type of review before committing to a purchase, whether it is on your website or elsewhere on the web. Having testimonial quotes on the product page will make it easier for consumers to locate positive reviews and prevent them from clicking away from your site. The on-page recommendations will encourage them to add the product to their cart.

Another option is to have a dedicated page for all testimonial quotes. When consumers come to your site in search of reviews, having an easy-to-find tab in the navigation bar will encourage them to click around and read through the positive feedback.

Selecting the Right Testimonials for Your Website

Testimonial quotes are a form of social proof. They boost your company’s credibility by having a third party vouch for the quality of your business. Consumers relate most to those who are like them, so keep in mind your target market and buyer persona when choosing which testimonial quotes to feature.

Look for quotes that have an emotional appeal. Consumers want to know how your product or service can improve their quality of life, and how to make their lives easier. The best testimonial quotes will answer specific questions or quell fears consumers may have about making a purchase. While it’s great to have feedback that just praises your company, it is important that they provide a specific reason as to why your product is the best fit for them.

When adding testimonial quotes to your website, ask if responders will include their age, full name, and even a picture. These details help put a real face behind the review and increase the incredibility of the feedback, making it easier for other customers to relate.

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