The Importance of a Content Strategy in Marketing

The Importance of a Content Strategy in Marketing

The Importance of a Content Strategy in Marketing 1280 853 Kraus Marketing

Unique Ways to Diversify Your Content Strategy

In marketing, content is king, and a unique content strategy will help set you apart from competitors and open the door to new business opportunities. Diversifying your content inspires creativity and pushes out information that will appeal to followers. Keeping your content too consistent can become stale and followers may start to click away faster.

Broadening the formats you use to create content will diversify the channels on which you can post. The more content you produce, the more data you have to analyze. Expanding onto new formats and channels will allow you to better understand your audience and experiment with what they actually want to see.

All content should be created with a purpose. When developing your content strategy, keep in mind your overall business strategy and what you are trying to accomplish by publishing this content. Think about your target audience; what do they enjoy and where do they consume content?

Diversify Your Blog

A blog is a great form of content that can educate readers and establish your company as a thought leader in the industry. Each post should have a clear purpose that relates to your business or overall industry, and provide value to your audience. Incorporating keywords into your posts can improve your SEO and SERP ranking, driving increased traffic to your site. Include a clear call to action that motivates the audience to act, whether by clicking, buying, or sharing.

Blogs can also be a way to tell your story and drive brand awareness. Telling the story behind your business can form connections and build relationships with your audience. Another way to diversify posts and keep interest is to introduce guest bloggers. This can open your brand up to a whole new audience while also providing a fresh perspective for your current audience.

Try Video

Visual content is the most popular form of content, and video content is increasingly more popular than plain visuals. Visually explaining a topic in a short video can attract and hold audience interest, keeping them on your site for a longer period of time. This can ultimately help reduce your bounce rate and improve audience experience with easy to digest content.

Introduce a Podcast

Starting a podcast is another great way to add diversity to your usual blog content. All you need is a microphone and a computer to get started. Podcasts allow consumers a chance to feel like they know you and your brand, establishing a sense of trust, more so than reading a blog post would. Podcasts also allow you to further build upon ideas and explain more difficult topics.

When you grab the attention of podcast listeners, they tend to be loyal and return for subsequent episodes. They are also likely to follow the company on social media. It’s important to stick to a consistent schedule so that interested listeners know when and where to expect your next post. Google is working to incorporate podcasts into SERPs, which can help your SEO and expand your reach.

Understand Your Social Media

Don’t use social platforms just because you think you should, use ones that are actually reaching the correct audience. Figure out where your target audience is and cater to them. If your company is active on Instagram and has little engagement, maybe your target audience is more active on Twitter. Use data to find your audience and stay active on the same channels they are.

Use Infographics

Infographics are a great way of getting across important information, as visual content is more interesting to an audience and makes information easier to comprehend. Content that tends be a bit more on the boring side, such as statistics, can be quickly consumed and understood when visually presented as an infographic. If followers find the material being presented to be attention-grabbing, they’ll more likely share with their followers.

When you diversify your content strategy you can attract new audiences and keep current ones interested. Know the goals of your content, create a plan, and implement a strategy to achieve them. By experimenting with new content and analyzing audience reception, you’ll be able to identify where to focus your content strategy in the future.

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