What Are Chatbots?

What Are Chatbots?

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The Benefits of Integrating Chatbots into Your Website

Chatbots, also known as conversational agents, are software applications that mimic human speech to simulate a conversation with a real person. They are programed to engage with messages and can respond in various ways that are applicable to the situation. Chatbots can be programmed to respond to certain keywords or phrases, and use machine learning to adapt to what is being said. There are many benefits to both you and the user that come from integrating chatbots into your website.

Improve Customer Service

The most common use for chatbots today is customer service. Chatbots assume the roles of customer satisfaction agents and answer customer questions in real time. This limits the need for companies to employ multiple agents to be sitting behind a screen waiting for customers to ask questions. Chatbots will save companies time and money that can be redirected into other marketing tactics.

Speed Up Response Times

Chatbots can respond to messages almost instantly, which satisfies the customer’s need for information. Customers tend to initiate conversation with customer service because they have a question before purchasing or scheduling services. Having fast response times will eliminate the potential bounce rate of unsatisfied customers. Chatbots can also operate 24/7- available whenever it is convenient for the customer.

Book Meetings After Hours

Chatbots can do more than answer questions. Implementing a chatbot can streamline many business functions, like scheduling meetings. Visitors to your site can simply fill out an online form and the integrated chatbot will be able to schedule the rest.

Expand Data-Driven Marketing

Chatbots have machine learning capabilities that allow them to collect data and information about customers. They can monitor customer behaviors such as buying decisions, preferences, purchase history, and more. This allows marketers to tailor marketing information to target specific customers with exclusive offers and appealing content.

With the continued development of artificial intelligence, the potential for chatbots is still growing. Implementing this technology now will only continue to further benefit your business. Kraus Marketing is an integrated digital marketing agency with professionals experienced in all aspects of web design. Contact us today to learn more about how implementing chatbots into your website can benefit your business!

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