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How IGTV Can Help Leverage Your Brand

See How Instagram’s Latest Feature, IGTV, Is Changing the Video Platform Game

Imagine having one place to view all of your visual and multi-media. You could see snapshots into the daily lives of influencers, celebrities, or even your friends. You could watch them live-stream and answer your questions in real-time. Imagine also being able to go onto users’ channels and watch longer, more in-depth videos that they have uploaded. Wouldn’t it be convenient if there were one platform for all of that? Well, now there is.

Instagram is becoming the do-it-all platform for visual and multi-media. Originally created for uploading and sharing photos, Instagram has since become a mecca for celebrities, influencers, and brands. The platform has grown from its originally intended purpose to include features similar to those on other platforms. Instagram Stories, similar to Snapchat Stories, allow for users to post a photo or video that will vanish in 24 hours. Instagram Live, similar to Facebook Live, allows users to stream videos and connect with followers in real-time. Now, Instagram is going after the features of YouTube with the unveiling of IGTV.

Much like YouTube, IGTV allows users to create and upload long-form videos up to 60 minutes long. Before this feature, video times on Instagram were capped at about one minute. One big difference for IGTV is that the videos are viewed vertically when in full screen. YouTube videos are viewed horizontally when in full screen. This feature is part of Instagram’s goal to make IGTV a mobile first platform. Instagram also strives to make IGTV simple, intuitive, and curated. Influencers and Instagram users alike can easily create their own “channel” for IGTV, and many of them already have begun to take advantage of this new feature.

Instagram has always been an important platform for influencers and brands. IGTV will only make if easier for brands to connect with their target audience. Marketers should harness the power of IGTV in the early stages to be ahead of the curve. In an article in Instagram’s Business section, the company suggests using IGTV will help brands.

“Be among the first to lead the future of video”

Get closer to audiences and build stronger connections through “permanent video for deeper storytelling.”

Leverage a brand’s community through utilizing Instagram’s “global community of more than 800M people.”

Instagram has always been a social media platform based on community. Consumers want to feel like part of a brand’s inner-circle. Long-form videos allow for brands to give consumers the content they desire, along with a sense of inclusion and the aspiration to continue being a part of the brand.

Previously, new features to Instagram have been successful and IGTV is expected to follow suit. Whether your brand already has a YouTube channel or you have been thinking about making one, the up-and-coming IGTV is worth a try.

If you’re looking to learn more about how to leverage your brand on Instagram or other social media platforms, contact Kraus Marketing today. Our knowledgeable social media team can help your brand gain exposure by pushing out the right content to the right people.