What are Display Ads?

What are Display Ads?

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What are Display Ads and How You Can Use Them

Understanding how to use different types of advertisements can benefit your company in reaching larger audiences. Display ads are increasingly gaining more popularity in attracting consumers because of their flexibility. Here is more information that helps answer both ‘what are display ads?’ and how you can use them to grow your brand.

Clarifying Display Ads

Display ads are advertisements that combine text and different types of images with a URL that links consumers to a website to learn more about what is being presented to them. There are a variety of display ads and they can be used in many ways—which makes them extremely versatile.

The Benefits of Using Display Ads

Display ads help increase brand awareness and can give users a sense of transparency because they are distinct advertisements, rather than native ads that appear to be part of the website a user is on. Additionally, display ads convey your brand’s message in a concise manner that can spark a user’s interest.

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Types of Display Ads

Display ads can be categorized in two forms: static and animated. Static display ads simply use images and text, while animated display ads feature moving images or text or include other elements such as audio or video. Once you decide what form you prefer for your brand, there are many types of display ads to use.

Traditional Ads

Traditional display ads are static banner ads that present users with one or two simple images and text promoting your brand.

Responsive Display Ads

Responsive display ads include multiple types of text headlines, descriptions, and images that are combined in a way that is personalized for each individual user. A website’s ad algorithm typically adjusts to present the most important aspects of your ad based on individual users’ search histories and data.

Interstitial Ads

Interstitial display ads are typically full screen ads that take over the page for an interval of time, such as when the user first clicks onto a website. These can present your brand’s information to users in a quick manner.

Interactive Ads

Interactive display ads are more engaging for users and allow them to interact with an element such as a game or poll. This type of ad can help keep users interested in your brand and collect data on users who respond.

Video Ads

Video display ads expand upon basic image and text advertisements by utilizing moving images and audio that is edited for users to learn more about your brand. For more information on video ads, check out Kraus Marketing’s guide on how to run a YouTube Video Marketing Ad Campaign.

How You Can Use Display Ads

After you decide what type of display ads best target your audience, the next steps include knowing how to use them to capture their attention to your brand.

Understand Your Audience

You should determine who you are trying to specifically reach with your display ads to ensure they correlate with your audience’s interests. Your display ads should engage users so they remember your brand as notable and appealing.

Use a Simple Design

It is important to remember that users are not actively seeking out ads, meaning your display ads should not be overwhelming or off-putting. It is best to stick with a simple design that is pleasing to the user’s eyes, so they are attracted to the message your brand is trying to convey.

Quality over Quantity

Your display ads should be meaningful and well-thought-out to truly capture the user’s attention and attract them to your brand. It is better to have genuine display ads your brand is proud of than multiple low-quality ads. For more information, here are Kraus Marketing’s 6 secrets of effective advertising to help you develop productive display ads.

Remember to Include a Call to Action

It is essential to remember the purpose display ads: to draw in users’ attention to your brand. When creating display ads, always have a call to action that will make users interested in clicking and visiting your brand’s website.

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