Twitter’s Latest Growth with Earned Media… Thanks to Google

Twitter’s Latest Growth with Earned Media… Thanks to Google

Twitter’s Latest Growth with Earned Media… Thanks to Google 850 350 Kraus Marketing

Google’s integration of tweets provides more earned media for Twitter.

In Google’s most recent update, Twitter #hashtags and tweets are now being shown on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) on Google. Twitter’s CEO, Dick Costolo, renewed a deal with Google back in February, which may be the reason that we are seeing this new trend in Google.

After reading about this Google-Twitter update, the team here at Kraus Marketing decided to test the latest changes. One of the weekend’s biggest events was arguably the UFC fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. We decided to use the hashtag #mayweatherpacquiao in a Google search. The screenshot below shows what the new Twitter integration looks like on the SERP.

As you can see, Google created a separate box that contains tweets from Twitter with the hashtag for the fight. What does this mean for brands moving forward? It means a lot more real time marketing will occur and the potential to reach untapped markets for the 140-character platform will be explored.

Twitter Earned Media


Live Tweeting Is More Beneficial:

Before Google and Twitter mended their partnership, there was a lag between the time it took to post a tweet and the time Google indexed the tweet. Now, tweets will be shown in real time and searchable on Google meaning that if your company is live tweeting during an event, you will see an increase in your real-time marketing.

Live Tweeting Has Increased Risk:

While live tweeting can now help make your brand go viral for incorporating great tweets during an event, it can also mean that the amount of social media blunders will increase as well. When coming up with a branded social campaign for live tweeting, brands should make sure not to compromise their reputation & consider how this will represent their brand in the future.

Twitter’s Earned Media Has Just Gone Through The Roof:

A tweet’s earned media has increased dramatically due to the discoverability of these tweets through search engines. For Twitter, this is good news because their influence grows outside of the platform itself reaching different markets and monetizing its influence. Forward thinking tells us at Kraus Marketing that in the future, Twitter ads may be served for a hashtag searched on the SERP, thus growing the Twitter influence even further.

The Relationship Between Search and Social Will Grow:

With search marketing now integrating social media platforms such as Twitter and Pinterest, the overall relationship between search and social must grow to accompany the newest trends. A brand’s strategy moving forward must take into consideration the idea that anything they now post on social media platforms will be searchable on the SERP. This also means that social media platforms will now take some of the pull away from Bing, Google and Yahoo when it comes to search results. If this works out to Twitter’s benefit, which we are certain it will, other big social media platforms may jump on this idea to help increase their reach and attract users who may not be currently on the platform.

Bringing It All Together:

Twitter, being the unique platform that it is by only allowing users to have 140 characters to spread their message, has been widely seen on news broadcasts, real time voting on reality shows and on may webpages to show approval or disapproval of topical issues facing the country and the world. With the integration of Google, Twitter’s reach will undoubtedly expand and introduce new users to the platform. This change could be the cause of many brand’s pivoting their strategies going forward.

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