Social Media Explained Using Coffee

Social Media Explained Using Coffee

Social Media Explained Using Coffee 850 350 Kraus Marketing

The Breakdown of Social Media Using Every Professionals Favorite Item…Coffee

When it comes to social media, there are a lot of choices for business’ to utilize. “How do I know which one will be right for my business?” And “How can I manage to post on all of them frequently?” These are common questions we get from clients in regards to the various social media platforms. Kraus Marketing designed an infographic to help explain the differences between each platform using every professionals favorite item…coffee.


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Twitter (I’m drinking a #coffee):

Twitter is known as the journalist of the social media platforms. When someone needs to know about news in a timely fashion, they usually turn to Twitter. Twitter updates in real time and is constantly updating so a user can receive timely information in a mere matter of seconds. Twitter’s character count per tweet only allows for 140 characters so your messaging must be concise if you want to accurately get your point across. Twitter also invented the #hashtag, known as the number sign to everyone else born before 2001. Hashtags are a way for people to group information around the same topic together. For example, if you used the hashtag #SocialMedia, you would see all posts relating to social media.

Facebook (I “like” coffee):coffeeinfographic_rev1

The biggest of all the social media platforms. Almost everyone in this day and age has a Facebook profile that they use to stay in touch with friends and family. Facebook business pages allow for business to reach their target market and audience with many different ad types and demographic/geographic targeting. Customers can give you a “like,” meaning that they enjoyed the post you put up.

Foursquare (This is where I drink my coffee):

Foursquare is your virtual map for finding the latest and greatest locations near you. If you are traveling in a new city and don’t know where to eat, Foursquare can provide user reviews of the restaurants and eateries local to you that also provides pricing information and recommendations on different foods to try. Your business can also list itself on Foursquare for free so that people will find you when searching on the app in your neighborhood.

Instagram (My vintage photo of coffee #TBT):

Instagram allows you to take pictures, via your phone’s camera or use photos that you’ve previously taken and post them into your own personal gallery. If your business has new products and wants to showcase them, Instagram is a great way to do this. Instagram also features different settings so you can add different filters of your picture to enhance color, make pictures black and white, make vintage looking and many more. One thing to remember is that Instagram is only available to fully use through your smartphone.

Capturing relevant information about customers, fans, followers, and friends enable us to create more personalized interactions.

LinkedIn (+Endorse me for my new coffee drinking skill):

LinkedIn is known as Facebook for Professionals. LinkedIn is a way for professionals to create a profile that is similar to an online resume that highlights their skills and achievements; they call it +Endorsements. For business’, you can post status updates on your page, search for employees to fill open job positions and sponsor content so that people visit your website. LinkedIn is also a powerful networking tool for business owners, aspiring professionals or even college students and graduates.

Pinterest (Here’s my coffee recipe):

Pinterest is another visual platform like Instagram except this one can be done via smartphone or desktop. Pinterest allows you to create albums, known as boards, to create campaigns for your business. A person who does construction, is a chef, home renovations, fitness or any niche where pictures help sell can find value in Pinterest. When someone likes your photo, they can repin it onto their boards or give you a like, meaning that they enjoyed it.

YouTube (Here is a video of me drinking coffee):

YouTube, which is owned by Google, is the biggest video-based social media platform. Any type of videos that your business does can be streamed on YouTube and also incorporated on your website and can be shared across the different social media platforms. If your business has a new product or a promo video, YouTube is a great place to upload those videos.

Google+ (I’m a Google employee who drinks coffee):

Google+ has a setup very similar to Facebook but this is platform also owned by Google. People will add your company to their “circles” in Google+ and when that happens, your company’s posts will show up on their newsfeed so that they can see your latest updates. When someone likes your updates, they give you a +1.

Last but not least:

Kraus Marketing (My strategic plan to brand my coffee)

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If you are looking to create a social media strategy but not sure which platform(s) to use, contact us here at Kraus Marketing and we can help you decide which channels are right for your business. You can reach us at or directly at (973) 998-5742.

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