Keeping Your Real Estate Blog in Check

Keeping Your Real Estate Blog in Check

Keeping Your Real Estate Blog in Check 1280 853 Kraus Marketing

How to Make Sure Your Real Estate Blog is Gaining Traction

A real estate blog can give your business the means to gain new leads and build credibility exponentially into the future. Users love content that educates them which then allows you to present your business as an industry leader. Greatly enhance your online marketing strategy with a real estate blog by following these quick tips:

Establish Your Blog Strategy

Before you can start writing, decide what your blog strategy will be and then stick to it. If you have a marketing team or other contributors to the blog, sit down with them and talk about how often you’re going to post, what kinds of topics you’re going to start with, and who is responsible for writing and posting. A calendar covering the first several months of content is ideal for getting things in motion and attracting visitors.

Write High-Quality Content

Start writing! When writing blog content, make sure that it is skillfully written, with copy that is clear and easy to read for all users, whether they are fellow real-estate agents or homeowners. Make sure that the topic has some sort of educational value to your readers, offering useful information in an easily consumable format.

Optimize Your Content

You want the content to work on increasing your digital presence as well as simply attracting readers. Optimize your content with industry keywords and phrases, along with other SEO friendly tactics. The higher your posts rank on SERPs, the more eyes will land on your website, and ideally your listings.

Spread the Word About Your Blog

Once your blog is live and has several postings, make sure to reference it to your clients and to your real estate network. Your blog won’t matter if no one is reading it! Add references to it on other marketing materials, link to it on social media, and consider pushing blog articles out to clients through email newsletters.

Use Client Questions as Blog Topics

If you’re searching for new blog topics, just think about your day-to-day experiences with clients asking questions. Those questions are perfect launching points for articles, because if one client is asking about it, it’s very likely that others are wondering the same thing.

Blog Locally

Since real estate work is typically confined to a certain location, think about referencing local events and activities being put on by neighborhood associations and similar groups. This will attract readers from your area and generate shares from the people involved.

Keep Topics Relevant and Reader-Focused

Obviously, this is a real estate blog for your real estate business, so you want to keep the content focused on anything under the umbrella topic of real estate. Make sure the topics you are choosing are relevant to your readers. Also, don’t oversell in your blog posts by making them all about your services. The content should speak for itself.

Want to start a real estate blog but don’t have the writing skills to maintain it? Kraus Marketing’s skilled copywriters can contribute to your real estate blog with content that will launch your business to the top. For all things marketing, including branding, web design, SEO, and more, contact our team today.

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