6 Tips for Using Social Media in the Real Estate Industry

6 Tips for Using Social Media in the Real Estate Industry

6 Tips for Using Social Media in the Real Estate Industry 1301 736 Kraus Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency Discusses 6 Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents

You’re so busy acquiring listings and closing sales that you probably can’t fathom making time for social media marketing. Or, perhaps you Facebook your heart out but just aren’t getting the results you’d like.

Social media is necessary for today’s agents; there’s only so much real estate websites can do. That being said, it’s vital that you know how to best use social media to your advantage, including knowing how to adapt your content from one social network to another.

Below are our top six social media tips for real estate agents:

  • Location, Location, Location

Everyone knows real estate is all about location, location, location. Before diving into social media, it’s important to be a known member of the community you’re operating in, whether that’s by sponsoring a local t-ball team or chatting up businesses on LinkedIn.

Do what you can to get your name out there. You will have an easier time gaining followers and have more content to share.

  • Get Personal

Don’t be afraid to spice up your accounts with pictures of happy new homeowners, the wining local team you sponsored, etc. You’ll connect with your audience more, and they’ll appreciate the break in posts about listings.

  • Consistency is Key

Once you get your accounts set up, it’s important to post consistently and with a good variety of content. A service like Sprout Social allows you to schedule posts ahead of time, making it easier to maintain a regular posting schedule.

Intersperse how-to blogs, exciting community news, and those personal touches in tip #2 with your listings to help. This builds your trust with your audience (which is so important to have as a real estate agent) and increases your chance of engaging them.

Also, be sure the helpful blogs go beyond searching for a home—offering your clients advice on redecorating and ways to improve their home equity will help you retain followers after you close the sale.

  • Social Network Know-How

Different social networks require different approaches, even in the real estate industry. Here’s a quick breakdown of what works best for different platforms:

Facebook wants the variety of posts we’ve discussed earlier. It also has the useful Facebook Live feature for videos.

Twitter wants a high quantity of content to make you an established industry leader in your community. You can also interact with leaders in other industries via Twitter. Plus, you can utilize hashtags to make you appear in people’s searches.

Instagram is all about the visuals. If you can’t use professional photography be sure to only use filters that don’t mess with the photo’s natural look. It also loves hashtags and videos (and has a live video feature!).

LinkedIn is another place to network and publish content that increases your credibility as an industry leader in your community.

  • Video Variety

Just as your content needs variety, so do your videos. Social media loves visuals, and videos are a great way to show off your listings in a way that really makes your clients feel like they’re there.

Utilize a mix of 360 videos, live videos, and even vignettes to showcase your listings and their neighborhoods.

  • Measure Up

As with all social media marketing, be sure to use analytics to measure how effective your new strategies are. You may need to employ more of one strategy than the other depending on how your operating community responds.

Real Estate is one industry where social media is vital in client acquisition and retention. For help on how to make the most of your social media marketing, contact Kraus Marketing. We’re experienced in real estate marketing and our social media experts are ready to help you close the sale on utilizing social media in your business tactics.

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