Real Estate Marketing Agency

Are you looking for an effective, real estate marketing campaign? Kraus Marketing has plenty of experience designing successful campaigns for a variety of companies, including real estate developers and agents.

Developers and realtors ask Kraus Marketing to execute multi-channel digital and traditional marketing campaigns. Typically, they want to increase property awareness and drive sales. Our team has effectively created real estate marketing strategies.

Kraus Marketing is skilled in marketing new development and property listings. We help developers provide marketing collateral via PATH train ads, social media, billboards, and direct mail; name their properties; and design logos and websites. For real estate agencies, Kraus Marketing works to help advertise your new listings with website maintenance and social media. For high-value specialty properties, we can help create microsites.

Typically, for developers and realtors we provide:

  • Brand identity. Branding a real estate property is more than unifying everything with a logo. It is about creating approved imagery and messaging and using the right colors and fonts in all marketing collateral.
  • Website design & development. When selling real estate, buyers will be checking your website. That’s why it is crucial that it loads fast, is mobile-responsive, and contains the information that buyers want to find.
  • SEO. How can you get your development and properties at the top of a Google search query? Search engine optimization works to apply keywords, content, and coding to your site that will help Google’s algorithm index it. The strategy behind a great search engine optimization campaign will enable your site to eventually reach the top of a Google search.
  • PPC. If you are looking to inform people of a time-sensitive development or real estate property’s open house, Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns will help. PPC enables you to reach people more quickly and gives you more control over time-sensitive messaging.
  • Social media. 74% of sellers used social media to find their real estate agent. A top-of-the line social media profile can put your name out there in front of thousands of potential buyers and sellers. We can help you create captivating social profiles and run campaigns certain to draw your target audience to your listings.
  • Traditional marketing strategy. In the real estate world, traditional media is still relevant. Kraus Marketing provides real estate agents and developers radio, TV, billboards, direct mail, newspaper, and magazine advertisements.

Learn how we have implemented real estate marketing strategies.