Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey

Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey holds a unique story; its founders coming from a brotherhood formed immediately after the 9/11 attacks when the USA responded with a daring insertion of small teams of Green Berets into northern Afghanistan.

This region’s inhospitable, mountainous terrain made all labors on wild Afghan horses a necessity for one Special Operations team (ODA595) nicknamed the “Horse Soldiers.”

All of their products are awarded with outstanding accolades in international spirit competitions, solidifying their legacy in a bottle. Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey is handmade with all-natural ingredients, bottled in the heartland of America, and aged to perfection. Whether you’re enjoying a glass neat or on the rocks, Horse Soldier always delivers a smooth, enjoyable experience.

Client Challenge

As the Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey brand continues to expand, they needed a partner who could help them elevate their branding, photography, and video content to match the quality of their product and ensure their online presence matched their outstanding reputation.

Additionally, Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey required a brand-new e-commerce website that seamlessly integrated with their existing systems and provided customers with a simple, user-friendly experience.

The Kraus Solution

Before Kraus began the design and development of the new Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey e-commerce website, we needed to refresh and refine their branding. This also included a trip to Horse Soldier’s Urban Stillhouse in St. Petersburg, FL, for a photo and video shoot — a much-needed asset for this brand to bring their website to life.

During the branding phase, we worked closely with the Horse Soldier team to define their brand messaging and craft a brand style guide that reflected their unique story and values. When brought together, these elements ensured a cohesive and consistent look across all marketing collateral.

Once branding was refined, we designed and developed a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and fully integrated Shopify e-commerce website. Kraus also assisted the client with website copywriting services to help showcase their brand voice and implement stronger on-page optimization.

We are excited to continue working with Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey as their brand continues to elevate!

    Kraus Marketing