Community FoodBank of New Jersey

The Community FoodBank of New Jersey (CFBNJ) stands as the premier anti-hunger and anti-poverty organization within the state of New Jersey, recognized for its comprehensive efforts to alleviate hunger and foster long-term solutions to poverty. With a foundation that traces back to humble origins, CFBNJ has grown significantly since its inception, initially distributing 150,000 pounds of food in its first year as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Today, it is celebrated not only for its scale but also for its mission-driven approach to provide nutritious food and necessary assistance to those in need across New Jersey.

Client Challenge

CFBNJ sought the expertise of Kraus Marketing for a new website because of our well-established reputation in delivering bespoke digital solutions that amplify an organization’s mission and impact. Recognizing our portfolio of successful projects, particularly in the nonprofit sector, CFBNJ was confident in our team’s ability to understand their unique challenges and opportunities.

They were drawn to Kraus’s comprehensive approach, combining innovative design, strategic marketing, and optimizing user experience. This approach promised to revitalize CFBNJ’s online presence and enhance their ability to connect with donors, volunteers, and those in need, furthering their mission to fight hunger and poverty in New Jersey. With Kraus Marketing, CFBNJ found a partner capable of transforming their digital platform into a powerful tool for outreach and engagement.

The Kraus Solution

Our team began with a comprehensive analysis of CFBNJ’s existing website, identifying areas for improvement and researching best practices in nonprofit website design. Further interviews were conducted to understand the organization’s goals, user needs, and the desired functionality of the new site.

The design phase focused on creating a visually appealing layout aligned with CFBNJ’s brand identity. We utilized warm, inviting colors and compelling imagery that highlighted the community impact of CFBNJ’s work. The navigation was simplified to ensure users could easily find information on how to get involved, whether through donations, volunteering, or accessing services.

An emphasis was placed on mobile responsiveness, ensuring the site delivered a consistent experience across all devices. Interactive elements, such as real-time donation impact calculators and volunteer sign-up forms, were integrated to foster user engagement. Recognizing the importance of storytelling in nonprofit communication, we revamped the content strategy to spotlight success stories, testimonials, and the tangible impact of donations. This approach aimed to connect emotionally with visitors and motivate action.

The collaboration between Kraus Marketing and the Community FoodBank of New Jersey demonstrates the power of thoughtful web design in advancing nonprofit missions. By prioritizing user experience, brand identity, and strategic engagement, we created a digital platform that serves the immediate needs of CFBNJ and positions them for sustained growth and impact in the fight against hunger and poverty in New Jersey.

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