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8 eBook Tips for Lead Generation

eBooks provide the platform for going deeper than your blogs have ever gone or briefly skimming the most important points in a longer piece, for creating a comprehensive outline of a topic you know better than anyone in the industry. This is the new lead generation—not flashy ads and hard pitches, but letting your expertise bring your audience to you.

Hands taking picture of gingerbread cookies with smartphone

The Best Filters to Use for Your Holiday Festivities

The holidays and winter festivities are right around the corner, which means you’ll be taking dozens of photos in search of the perfect one that will gain you the most likes on social media. Whether it’s an Instagram photo or a Snapchat, there are several filters you can use to enhance the quality and ensure you get the most likes and views on each social platform.

For Instagram, it’s all about the filter. By carefully selecting one, you can automatically make an image appear to be in the holiday spirit. Here are the best filters to use for every winter event.