The Best Filters to Use for Your Holiday Festivities

The Best Filters to Use for Your Holiday Festivities

The Best Filters to Use for Your Holiday Festivities 2560 1707 Kraus Marketing

The Best Filters to Use for Your Holiday Festivities

The holidays and winter festivities are right around the corner, which means you’ll be taking dozens of photos in search of the perfect one that will gain you the most likes on social media. Whether it’s an Instagram photo or a Snapchat, there are several filters you can use to enhance the quality and ensure you get the most likes and views on each social platform.


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For Instagram, it’s all about the filter. By carefully selecting one, you can automatically make an image appear to be in the holiday spirit. Here are the best filters to use for every winter event.

The “After a Snowstorm” ‘gram: Reyes gives photos an old-time feel due to its desaturation quality. Although it desaturates the photo, it also brightens it, making it perfect to enhance the bright white in the snow.

The “Christmas Tree/Holiday Lights” ‘gram: Ludwig is the filter to use for any Christmas tree or holiday lights you’re snapping photos of. This filter darkens the photo while emphasizing the warm colors in the lights. It also takes away most of the color in order to make the lights stand out within the frame.

The “Ugly-Christmas sweater party” ‘gram: Clarendon is the filter to choose when you’re trying to quickly Instagram so that you can get back to the party, because no additional edit adjustments are necessary. This all in one filter brightens the image while enhancing highlights and shadows and emphasizing color.

The “Comfortable Socks and Hot Coco” ‘gram: Crema is a great filter for a warm drink because it does not emphasize any highlights or shadows; the image instead is creamy, smooth, and the color slightly faded, giving it a comfortable vibe.

The “Fancy Holiday Party Selfie” ‘gram: Valencia is the selfie favorite because it adds warmth to your photo and makes any color more prominent. It’s perfect to give your holiday selfie a slight old-school vibe.

The “Grandma’s Christmas Cookies” ‘gram: Hefe is a brightening filter. It increases saturation and contrast, slightly darkens the edges of the photos, and warms up the photo, so the cookies will be sure to stand out in someone’s newsfeed! You may even get some cookie delivery requests!

*Pro tip for using any filter is once you select it, click on the box one more time and adjust the strength. Sometimes, all you need is a small amount to bring a huge improvement to the photo.

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For Snapchat, nothing is better than accessing face recognition filters, called lenses, and the free stickers. Two classic and favorite face lenses are the puppy ears and flower crown. In the winter, the traditional puppy ears turn into holiday ears, so grab your best friend at your holiday party and add the lens for a comical additional to your snap story. If you want to go with a winter glam vibe rather than a comical one, the flower crown is the way to go. This lens also has a winter option, filling the crown with blue and silver flowers and glow to make your outfit and eyes pop. If you’re looking to be a little more artistic in your Snapchats, take a look at the stickers found in the editing section of your Snapchat. Add in Santa’s face, a Christmas tree, and presents galore to any Snapchat.

Another element of Snapchat that will be a crowd pleaser is the use of geofilters. Businesses can create and upload their own unique geofilter to promote their business. When a Snapchat user is in the location selected by the business, the filter will be enabled to use. This holiday season is the perfect opportunity to create a geofilter because people are out looking to use the creative filters to spread holiday cheer to their snap chat friends.

Need help designing and implementing a holiday geofilter? Contact Kraus Marketing to discuss a customized geofilters that would be perfect for you and our art team will design an eye-catching filter that everyone will want to use for this holiday season.

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