Our Favorite Local Charities for This Giving Tuesday

Our Favorite Local Charities for This Giving Tuesday

Our Favorite Local Charities for This Giving Tuesday 810 450 Kraus Marketing

Our Favorite Local Charities for #GivingTuesday

The holidays are a time of giving where small acts of kindness can go a long way. This charitable season is kicking off in a big way with #GivingTuesday. For the sixth year in a row, the #GivingTuesday movement is looking to bring people together to make a real impact on surrounding communities. Over the years, the campaign has grown into a global event that harnesses the power of social media to support reputable charities and give back to the community. Our team at Kraus Marketing offers our full support for #GivingTuesday and the charities that benefit from it, but we also know that it can be difficult to know which causes are reputable and in it for the right reasons. We’ve highlighted some of the most distinguished local charities in the tri-state area that could benefit greatly from your support.

Moms Helping Moms

Founded by a group of new mothers, Moms Helping Moms was created on the basis that no baby should have to go without life’s necessities. This New Jersey-based foundation has been making an impact since 2011. Their mission is to provide babies a healthy lifestyle by collecting donations of essential baby items from families that no longer need them. This passionate team has created a network that has contributed hundreds of thousands of essential baby items to families in need.

Infinite Love for Kids Fighting Cancer

Infinite Love for Kids Fighting Cancer is a New Jersey foundation created on the basis that research for childhood cancer is incredibly underfunded. This is an issue that has devastating effects on millions of families annually. Infinite Love wants to open doors to discovering healthier treatments for children affected by the disease. What we admire most about this organization is that they are trying to tackle the issues head-on. With 16 significant forms of childhood cancer, each year they focus efforts on a different cancer strain.

Coalition for the Homeless

Since their inception in 1981, the Coalition for the Homeless has worked tirelessly to support homeless men, women, and children in New York. They are one of the nation’s oldest advocacy and direct service organizations and have seen great success as a result. Their program’s aim is to reduce homeless populations and prevent homelessness entirely.  Their vision is for the fundamental rights of affordable housing, sufficient food, and working for a living wage will soon be a reality for everyone.

Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities

Based out of Westport, Connecticut, Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities is looking to improve the lives of children living with learning disabilities or ADHD. To make an impact, the foundation works alongside the families of these children to provide support so all parties may enjoy a healthy and productive lifestyle. With local chapters spanning across the whole of Connecticut, this organization is looking to get directly involved with the community. Each chapter shares the common goal of increasing awareness, developing a support network, and producing education programs so that parents may efficiently advocate for their children.

These are but a select few local charities that could benefit from #GivingTuesday. With so many charities spanning across a variety of social issues, there is a place for everyone to get involved. Show your support and make a difference in someone’s life this holiday season by giving back to those less fortunate. A small gesture can make someone’s entire year worthwhile.

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