Mobile Website Design Tips from a Web Design & Development Company

Mobile Website Design Tips from a Web Design & Development Company

Mobile Website Design Tips from a Web Design & Development Company 2125 1411 Kraus Marketing

Do you have a mobile friendly website? According to Hitwise, 58% of the total searches done in the United States are on mobile devices. It is becoming increasingly important to create websites that are suitable for smartphones. Google recently announced that it is placing a heavier weight on ranking your website based off of your mobile site. Now that you’re convinced to get a website, follow these tips to ensure that your site works on mobile.

  • Simple menus. With mobile sites, simplicity is key. Typically, when users are on their phones, they are multi-tasking. Keep the options concise, we recommend at most 5 items. Think about what your audience wants to find when they arrive to your website and incorporate that to your menu.
  • Create compelling CTAs. Usually, mobile users know what they are looking for when they go on your mobile site. Make it easy for them to find your CTAs by selecting colors that stand out and copy that explains what the action is.
  • Provide users with the right search results. Since mobile users are multi-tasking, they don’t have time to page through numerous results. One of your main focuses should be guaranteeing users will get the right results on the first page. Include different filter options so users can see options for price, best sellers, and sizes.
  • Remember that people are using their thumbs to navigate the site. It is very important to keep in mind that people are using their fingers to click around on your site. Be sure that buttons, text, and images are easy to click, read, and see.
  • Quick load times. People are impatient, if you want low bounce rates, keep your site speed fast. A tip is to keep your site under 1MB and limit the number of photos and videos.

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