Video SEO Tips from a Professional SEO Company

Video SEO Tips from a Professional SEO Company

Video SEO Tips from a Professional SEO Company 2120 1414 Kraus Marketing

The power of video is huge – user behavior is moving towards consuming visual content over written text. In fact, Forrester revealed that one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words of text based off of the messages communicated. It doesn’t stop there; people tend to remember what they watched in videos more than any other content.

YouTube is known as the second largest search engine, falling behind Google. In one day alone, 4.95 billion videos are viewed on YouTube. Videos help to further explain your service offerings and engage with your target audience. Did you know that videos can actually help increase your ranking in search engines? Here are some tips for implementing videos and improving your SEO in the process.

  • Create the right content. Before starting to film videos, you should plan out your content strategically. People that find your video on YouTube are not there to learn solely about your brand. Instead, they want to find something relevant to their search. The two videos that succeed on YouTube are emotional and educational videos. Make sure that whatever you film will provide value to your target audience. You want people coming back to watch more videos.
  • Help Google and YouTube. Google’s bots do not have the capabilities to watch your videos. Therefore, you need to be sure that you optimize a few aspects of the video. One of the most obvious aspects of your video you should focus on is the title. Include the keywords that you want to rank for and keep it short. The next thing you should work on optimizing is the tags on your video. Finally, you should write a long description to complement your video. This will really help Google and YouTube get a full picture of the content and rank you higher.
  • Utilize a call to action. Once you have people watching your content, you want to continue to provide value to them. One way this can be accomplished is through YouTube annotations. This will direct your viewers to another piece of content you want them to view.

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