8 eBook Tips for Lead Generation

8 eBook Tips for Lead Generation

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8 eBook Tips for Lead Generation

We hear the phrase “she wrote the book on [insert topic]” and equate it with “she’s an expert in [insert same topic]”. Why is that? Books prove that the author has researched, spent sufficient time on, and understands a topic inside and out. Books are tangible trust.

You’re probably thinking: I’m so busy running your organization that writing a book is unfathomable. But you don’t have to get a hardcover on the New York Times Best Seller List to accomplish the lead generation a book provides—that’s where eBooks come in. eBooks provide the platform for going deeper than your blogs have ever gone or briefly skimming the most important points in a longer piece, for creating a comprehensive outline of a topic you know better than anyone in the industry. This is the new lead generation—not flashy ads and hard pitches, but letting your expertise bring your audience to you.

An eBook involves detailed information conveyed in a way conducive to skimming and short attention spans. Below are eight tips to help you learn how to write an eBook:

  • Your eBook will Be Judged by More Than Its Cover

Graphics are a must inside and out, but be sure to stay true to your brand as you design an attractive eBook.

  • Different Devices, Different Needs

Keep in mind the devices your audience uses to read your eBook— a tablet with a nice big screen, a mobile phone that shrinks everything, or maybe even a desktop. Your eBook should account for access from any device, and pay special attention to how your target audience is most likely accessing your work of genius.

  • Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

You can use topics you’ve blogged about before to create your eBook. Pick the blogs that have had the most success and expand on them.

  • Experience is Excellent

Chances are that if you’re writing an eBook about a topic then you’ve experienced said topic in some way before. Experiences count as content—don’t stress about writing thousands of words on one topic alone. Recount your experience—good and bad—in the form of a case study, allowing your audience to learn real-life application (or missed opportunities for application) of your topic.

  • Check Please!

As busy as you are, your audience may be even busier. Providing summaries in the form of checklists helps entice your readers to learn more—by reading your eBook.

  • Take Your Bow

Close out your eBook with a short blurb about your company to entice your readers to explore your website and learn more about what you offer. Carefully craft your content on this page to ensure you are not ruining all of your hard work with a hard pitch.

  • Beyond a Press Release

Show off your hard work with good PR—a press release, a guest submission on an industry-respected blog, or partnering with influencers. But as much as you promote your eBook, you’re going to need to seal the deal with testimonials from respected industry professionals. Give them a download of your eBook a couple of weeks before it’s launched, inviting them to offer feedback and provide you with a quote you can use. You can even provide sample quotes, making endorsing your eBook as minimally invasive to their busy schedules as possible.

  • Achieve Audience Retention

Create an online form on your landing page where you can get your audience’s information—only necessary information, like their email address. Now, you have a way to contact your readers with upcoming specials or exciting company news.

Whether you’re too busy to write an eBook or don’t know where to begin, Kraus Marketing has you covered. With experienced graphic designers and skilled copywriters, we’ll help you develop an eBook to generate more leads. Contact Kraus Marketing today to start the conversation.

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