The Time to Embrace Mobile Marketing… was Yesterday.

The Time to Embrace Mobile Marketing… was Yesterday.

The Time to Embrace Mobile Marketing… was Yesterday. 2560 1601 Kraus Marketing

Reasons why your NJ & NYC brand should embrace mobile now

How much of your time is allocated to improving your company’s mobile web experience?

The studies are out and they say Americans spend an average of 4.7 hours on their phone—that’s nearly a whopping 20% of their day using mobile devices. Remember, the average person is expected to sleep 8 hours a night, which is only 13% more than the average use of a cellphone per day. The fact is, people are now using their phones for more than just music or the occasional right-left swipe hookups—and B2B marketers that haven’t embraced mobile platforms are falling behind on their competition.

Why are B2B businesses slow at adopting mobile?

Unlike their B2C counterparts, B2B marketers rarely generate transactions online. Most B2B companies rarely see the need to practice mobile marketing (an irony—the top advice by B2B companies is the importance of the B2C mobile impact), because they don’t usually generate transactions online. B2B companies typically use the web as an information outlet to educate and inspire potential buyers into engaging with their companies.

Survey’s done by Google (partnered with Millward Brown Digital) suggests that B2B marketers should be doing the opposite. The survey of 3,000 B2B decision makers about their research and purchase habits reveals 49% of the researchers use a mobile device for research while at work, and 42% of the same researchers use their phone for B2B purchasing. These stats show that it isn’t just consumer mobile use that is increasing and that buyers are using their mobile devices for more than just browsing.

The good thing is, B2B optimization for mobile phones isn’t much different than what B2C companies are doing today. People are more likely to return to a mobile friendly site (74% according to this Google study) and yet 95% of them say they encounter unfriendly mobile websites. Businesses that don’t provide a solid, friendly mobile experience encounter low organic rankings, loss in mobile site traffic and an increased bounce rate. The statistics make mobile marketing a no-brain strategy for future B2B marketing.

The bottom line is, mobile experience directly impacts fundamental online marketing success and affects traffic and visibility metrics. People want a favorable experience and this is critical for engaging prospects and driving leads. The ideal brand strategy now is to optimize mobile in order to gain access to buyers who use them across all phases of the buy cycles.

So how can you gauge the effectiveness of your own mobile marketing campaign? To get started, read our blogs on assessing and improving your website. The next step, is inquiring for our services in brand engagement. Kraus Marketing is a mobile and web marketing agency based in the NYC & NJ area that will deliver on services and consumer engagement. Call us at (973) 998-5742 or contact us at

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