Instagram Will Be Making Changes to the Feed, But Not Right Now

Instagram Will Be Making Changes to the Feed, But Not Right Now

Instagram Will Be Making Changes to the Feed, But Not Right Now 2560 1706 Kraus Marketing

Tired of the “Turn On Notifications” posts on Instagram? Instagram isn’t making their changes immediately, but beta testing is currently being done. Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming changes.

These “Turn on Notifications” posts are making users tired, especially since Instagram released a statement saying that they are NOT changing the feed today. Although, Instagram IS changing user’s news feeds soon, and this will have a major impact on people and businesses alike.

As hundreds of accounts receive dozens of new photos hourly, many posts are getting lost in the middle of the Instagram madness.

From one end, this is lowering the user’s experience, and surveys have shown that people are less inclined to use Instagram for that reason alone. Instagram came up with a “solution” – putting an algorithm together to put the “best” photos, or photos that they think you like, at the top of your feed. If certain posts aren’t performing well, Instagram will make it harder for these posts to be seen by followers.

This ultimately means that Instagram might potentially be showing posts out of order, a feature similar to Facebook, and less like Twitter.

But what does it mean for brands and social media professionals? It means that a big freak out is happening – and for good reason. Users have spent months – and even years – building their followers and presence on this social platform, and many have made careers out of it. Soon, only a fraction of their “fan base” will see these posts.

The tough part about this is that Instagram doesn’t provide analytics tools, other than video views. Its hard to see how people are viewing their posts, making it tough to know if they’re doing a good job and what types of posts are performing well. This is where ads come into play, and they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Although, Instagram recently claimed that they are working on business tools with insights on your content, which should be available in the coming months.

An Instagram spokesperson recently spoke about the future algorithm, “Performance or popularity is not what we’re optimizing for. While we are using likes and comments as signals, timeliness and the relationship between the poster and the viewer are also important,” they said. “We’re not removing any posts from people’s feeds, just reordering them. Moreover, as it stands, many people aren’t seeing posts from accounts they care about (on average, a user is missing 70 percent of their feed). Our goal is to help people see the posts they care about, including from brands.”

As feeds were bombarded with the “turn on notifications” posts, Instagram tweeted: “We’re listening and we assure you nothing is changing with your feed right now. We promise to let you know when changes roll out broadly.”

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