The Advantages of SMS Marketing for Your Brand

The Advantages of SMS Marketing for Your Brand

The Advantages of SMS Marketing for Your Brand 1500 1000 Kraus Marketing

Discover the Unknown Benefits of SMS Marketing

These days, who isn’t always checking their phone? While social media may seem like the best channel to reach your audience, text messages are significantly more direct. In fact, SMS marketing offers a 98% open rate. This tactic can yield incredible results for the retail industry and other direct-to-consumer brands. Here are a few ways your company can send text messages to customers.

  • Promotions
  • Shipping notifications
  • Shopping cart abandonment
  • Customer service
  • Reminders (coupon is about to expire)

If you implement text messaging into your marketing, you’re sure to stand out from your rivals. As only 29% of retailers are using SMS marketing, —97% are using email—this may be the competitive edge you’ve been looking for. Now, let’s take a more in-depth look into the benefits of SMS marketing.

1. Customers want a text-based relationship with brands.

A 2020 Yotpo survey of over 800 adults discovered that 51% of respondents would want to receive text messages from their favorite brand, and 48% had signed up to receive marketing texts. Yotpo also revealed that SMS messages came in a close second to the preferred channel of communication from a brand, only to email. Based on these findings, SMS marketing is a definite worthwhile venture to undergo.

2. Text messages can be tracked and reported on easily.

Many text marketing platforms offer tracking and reporting methods. These insights can be incredibly helpful when determining what kind of content to send. You may find that click rates are higher for promotional offers over general announcements. Discovering your audiences’ preferences will be essential to maximizing click rates and conversions.

3. SMS marketing shows significant ROI increases.

More than two-thirds of recipients have made a purchase after receiving a text message from a retailer. While email is the superior channel for heightened ROI, SMS may soon take over that number one spot. However, you shouldn’t choose one platform over the other. Instead, pair the two for a multiplying effect—you’ll have a better chance at reaching your audience on their preferred communication channel.

4. Interactive texts offer immediate message delivery and responses.

SMS marketing allows brands to send a message that recipients will open within minutes of receiving. By asking a simple question (i.e., “Was your order satisfactory? REPLY Yes/No,” from a food delivery service), you can gain real insights from your customers. Even better, brands are experimenting with interactive text messages that redirect users to their website or offer additional information or services upon request.

Where to Get Started with SMS Marketing

Adding a new channel into your marketing strategy can be a challenge. It may be best to work with experts to get you started and seeing ROI month after month. The strategist at Kraus Marketing can help you reach your audience, create engaging content, and offer comprehensive reporting. Reach out to our team to learn more!

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