App Development: Hybrid vs Native Apps

App Development: Hybrid vs Native Apps

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Hybrid vs Native Apps: Which is Best for Your Brand?

App development for e-commerce retailers has been a reoccurring trend that brands should not be ignoring. In fact, according to eMarketer, about 90% of all mobile internet usage in the United States is done on apps.

So, what type of app should your brand develop?

What are Hybrid and Native Apps?

Hybrid apps are applications that can work on any device platform. These types of apps are typically versatile and popular, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. No matter what device, these apps can be downloaded with ease.

Native apps, on the other hand, are referred to as applications specifically developed for its device platform, either Apple or Android only. Examples include Procreate or Ulysses, both exclusive to Apple and Google Play Store and Google Docs, both exclusive to Android.

Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons of hybrid vs. native apps:

The Pros of Hybrid Apps

They are Easy to Develop

Because of their ability to be downloaded on any device, they are much easier to develop. Unlike native apps, hybrid apps only need one version that can be released simultaneously to all platforms. This ultimately saves your brand a lot of time during the development process.

They are Less Expensive to Create

Like mentioned above, only needing to create one version of your app will save your brand both time and money. Additionally, app maintenance will work for all platforms instead of maintaining several different versions.

The Cons of Hybrid Apps

User Experience Will Not Be Seamless

Due to the same app version being released on all platforms, hybrid apps will never perfectly match any device platform. This can result in a disrupted user experience both in the functionality of the apps and the visual aesthetics.

App Performance Will Vary

Even with the best app development, the app will only perform as well as the device platform will allow it. If the device is designed poorly, the app will most likely as well.

The Pros of Native Apps

They Work Extremely Well

Because every native app is specifically designed for the device platform of choice. Each native app is developed perfectly for the device platform’s specific processing capabilities, meaning they will perform better and are more reliable than any hybrid app.

They Provide a Superior Device Experience

Native apps are designed to integrate themselves with the device platform’s features. This creates a seamless camera, microphone, and software experience within the app.

The Cons of Native Apps

They are Expensive to Develop

Since native apps cannot be used across all platforms, brands will have to develop specific versions for each platform they want to target. This will add much more time and money to your brand’s development process.

They Limit Your Audience

If brands choose not to create specific versions of their native app to all platforms, they miss out on mass amounts of potential consumers.

How Can App Development Help Your Brand?

Now that we know the difference between native vs. hybrid apps, let’s look at how app development can benefit your brand.

Provides Superior User Experience

Creating a specially designed app for your e-commerce brand will create a superior user experience compared to traditional mobile sites – especially if your site is not optimized for mobile use.

Fosters Brand Loyalty

Having a reliable and easy-to-navigate app will help gain and retain customers; securing your brand as their number one choice when making a purchase decision.

Boosts Potential Profit

Even after purchasing, customers keeping your brand’s app on their phone ensures that they will be back for more – leading to more potential sales and overall profit.

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