Custom Web Site Design and Development of Mobile Optimized Websites – NJ, NY & Internationally

Why do I need a mobile responsive website for my company? Where can I find a mobile website designer or developer?

The majority of consumers now own a smartphone or smart device, such as an iPhone, Android and Tablet. In Metro areas you can bet on 3 out of 4 consumers owning a smartphone. Translation – chances are that the majority of your targeted demographic already owns a smartphone and surfs the web with it… a lot. In fact, more than 50% of internet searches are performed on a mobile phone.

At Kraus Marketing, we can turn your custom designed website into a mobile optimized website. Websites that are not properly formatted for a smartphone or tablet are NOT user-friendly. Compare the size of your desktop screen to the screen on your smartphone and you will understand why. A traditional website shown on a mobile device can look very unorganized. Images may be missing and oftentimes the margins do not even fit to the screen.

At Kraus Marketing we focus on developing a mobile responsive (or mobile specific) site that will capture your target market and maintain their attention, and with 80% of adults using mobile devices today, a mobile website is a vital part of any successful online marketing strategy.

When developing your site, we keep in mind that the end user is looking for convenience and quick information. We will develop your mobile site with thumb friendly buttons and choose the most important content to display. This provides the end user with easy navigation while still maintaining your brand identity throughout the entire site.

Not having a mobile responsive website will discourage potential customers from making a purchase decision.

Habits of a Smartphone User:

  • They’re Obsessed! 80% of adults use smartphones daily.
  • Completely Obsessed! Smartphone penetration has also grown exponentially in recent years. Seventy-one percent of 18-54 year olds and 37% of those ages 55+ are smartphone users, according to the Deloitte Global Consumer Survey.
  • They’re on the web… A LOT! 89% of users spend their media usage on a mobile app.
  • Before they get out of bed? 40% of smartphone users admit to going on the internet before they get out of bed in the morning.
  • They’re impatient! 30% of users read their email exclusively on mobile devices.
  • They’re Vengeful! The biggest turnoff for users not making a purchase is visiting a website or email that isn’t responsive to their smartphones and tablets.
  • They’re well researched. Almost half of all mobile phone users have made a purchase on their mobile phones, and they also use their phones to find the nearest store (80%), compare prices (70%) and read reviews (65%). (Limelight Networks)
  • They expect a good experience! 80% of customers researching or purchasing products on their mobile phone will abandon a website if they’re not satisfied with their mobile shopping experience. (Limelight Networks)

Mobile Website Statistics:

  • Over 80% of people view websites on devices that require mobile responsive sites such as smartphones and tablets.
  • Over half of all mobile searches lead to a purchase. (Rocket Post)
  • By 2017, half of today’s smartphone users will be using mobile wallets as their preferred payments method.
  • Since the beginning of 2015, mobile website traffic has taken over desktop traffic completely.
  • By 2016, over 2 billion people will own smartphones.

Benefits of a Professionally Developed Mobile Site:

  • Mobile-friendly websites receive higher mobile search engine rankings and non-responsive websites have been penalized by Google which started on April 21st, 2015.
  • Mobile sites have a lower bounce rate than a desktop website for smartphone users
  • Mobile sites have a higher conversion rate than a desktop website for smartphone users
  • A great mobile website can eliminate the need to create separate mobile apps for multiple mobile platform