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The Newest Way for Brands to Release Twitter Ads

ArtHouse Gives Brands Access to Specialized Twitter Ads from Creators

With a mile-long list of things people have to worry about in a day, they seldom have time to take a seat and sip their coffee while perusing the daily newspaper. Then came Twitter, with its delivery of short-form content in a user-generated feed featuring everything from real time news to celebrity content and funny images. On Twitter, there’s something for everyone, even brands and corporations. With its new ArtHouse launch, Twitter gives companies access to content strategists, digital producers and influencer marketing professionals to help them generate content for Twitter.

So, what is it?

In a nutshell, ArtHouse is a content creation resource for companies looking to scale their reach and influence on Twitter. Because Twitter has character limitations and different formatting for video content, businesses cannot just simply copy and paste their other campaigns and expect it to run well. ArtHouse connects brands with experienced professionals who can take a company’s existing campaign and breathe new life into it, so it’s suited for Twitter.

Why It’s Important

According to a study conducted by Magna and IPG Media Lab, users spend 24% more time viewing Twitter ads from a creator as opposed to an ad directly from a brand. What’s more is that an ad from a creator led to higher ad recall rates and, in turn, a 41% increase in purchase intent. So, what exactly does this mean?

It’s plain and simple: people know when they’re being marketed to. And, in their effort to get straight to the content they desire, they become averse to marketing techniques that don’t add value to their viewing experience. These ArtHouse creators are simply making brand ads more engaging, more appealing and actually enjoyable for consumers to view. And, because they’re coming from another source, people get less of an impression that they’re being told what to buy and do. Instead, they are being motivated by creative content to engage with the brand in a new way. They feel as though brands are interacting with them in a more relevant and personal manner rather than the old-fashioned way of a company preaching to the masses why they should purchase from them.

Consumers are constantly looking for exciting new experiences. Give the people what they want! Our team of experienced graphic designers, digital strategists, and social media experts here at Kraus Marketing and ready to help you revolutionize your content and increase your user engagement and ROI with dynamic designs and clever campaign strategies. Contact us today for more information!