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How Vacation Season Affects Your E-commerce Email Strategy

Staying on Track with Your Email Strategy to Fit Seasonal Trends

We made it. It’s that time of year where we each get a turn at taking that long-awaited vacation. Or maybe you’re planning ahead for Labor Day weekend. It would make sense that as we’re lounging at the beach or spending quality time with family, the last thing we’d be jumping to check is our email. However, studies show that 60% of employees still check their email while they’re on vacation. Still, that doesn’t mean our email habits don’t change with the season. Here are some things to keep in mind about tailoring your e-commerce email strategy to the summer season.

Email is unavoidable

Our email accounts help us keep track of our online presence, almost every account we have is attached to them. Even if someone chose to abstain from checking work related emails, they may have to check their personal email to keep up with vacation related ones. When you go to plan a trip, where is all of your flight, hotel, and activity information sent? And, as vacation nears, one can’t help but feel the need to purchase new products or clothes for it. While you may get annoyed by all of the emails being sent from different retailers, you simply cannot deny the appeal of a good deal or coupon offer. Thus, opening a window of opportunity for e-commerce businesses to convert a new customer.

Shifting habits

The rise of e-commerce basically ensures that regardless of where they are, people will be looking to purchase goods online. What does change with the warmer season, however, is when they seek to fulfill it. While optimal engagement times may be fairly consistent throughout other seasons, one should anticipate a more drastic change during the summer season as consumers’ time priorities shift, whether it be for kids who are now out of school or a general desire to spend more time enjoying the weather. Based off of this trend, time-sensitive offers might not have as heavy an impact as they would at other times. Consider extending them to give people more time to engage with them as they return to spending more time online.

How your business can keep up

As always, it’s crucial to consistently track your analytics to see which aspects of your campaign work and which ones don’t. Test out new ways to market seasonal offers and, as mentioned previously, try extending them to increase their engagement rates. Especially on vacation, consumers are more likely to do most of their online shopping via their mobile device. Ensure that your emails and your website are optimized for smaller screens. Also, tailor your campaign to seasonal events. Integrating relevant seasonal topics into your emails and deals is far more eye catching than something generic.

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