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Calling All Creators: The New Facebook Update with Monetization Features

What You Should Know About the Facebook Update Intended to Attract More Content Creators

As social media platforms devise dynamic, new ways to monetize content, the popularity of becoming a content creator for a living continues to rise. YouTube, a hub for creators of all kinds, has long been leading the revolution of empowering people to share their talents while still profiting from it. In the wake of VidCon, a popular YouTube event bringing famous YouTubers and fans together, Facebook announced a stream of new updates intended to bring more power to creators as well as attract them to Facebook as their new creative hub. Let’s take a closer look.

Ad Placement Options

As far as ads go, I think we can all agree that having our video content interrupted out of nowhere isn’t fun for anyone. With the new update, creators who are eligible and meet Facebook’s monetization standards receive new options for where they can place their ads in video content. These creators have the option of featuring the ad before the video, during the video at a less interruptive point, and an image ad that appears below the video as it runs.

New Performance Tracking Options

In 2018, Facebook launched a new way to develop relationships between creators and brands, the Brand Collaborations Manager. Thanks to this new Facebook update, content creators now have access to crucial performance insights to help them track the effectiveness of their campaigns and the success of their content. From there, they can share these audience metrics with various advertisers to facilitate more efficient ad campaigns. The update also includes a section dedicated to monetization overview and the option to control Instagram posts and IGTV from the Creator Studio.

Fan Subscriptions

People love gaining exclusive access to content. So much so, that they’re even willing to pay for it. Here’s where Facebook’s update chimes in with a new feature allowing users to subscribe via monthly payments. In exchange, they receive access to exclusive content by their favorite content creators. Not only does this help strengthen the bond between a creator in their fans, but this is also a great new channel of revenue for the creators themselves. However, keep in mind that while Facebook doesn’t profit from this, mobile platforms can take a cut from payments conducted within their mobile payment platforms.

With all of the options for spreading your business’ content, it can be hard to keep up with all of the updates each platform releases. Let us take the burden off of your shoulders. Here at Kraus Marketing, our team of experts are here to help you with all of your digital marketing needs from social media marketing and SEO to web development and design. Contact us today for more information!