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Social Media Update: September 2017

We’re nearing the latter half of 2017, and the rapidly changing world of social media is growing at an alarming pace. It can be difficult to keep up with new trends and which advertising platform currently reigns supreme. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the most relevant updates per platform. With any luck, these updates are just what you’ve been looking for to help kick start your brand through social media!


  • Good news for you all you mobile lovers out there, Facebook has announced that they will now be prioritizing links with quicker load times on mobile News Feeds. To better estimate content prioritization, network connection, Wi-Fi capability, and device usage will be considered.
  • Building brand interest has just become much simpler with Facebook’s ad targeting option. Advertisers will now be given the capability to send target ads directly to RSVPs of Facebook events. This will include both those “interested” and “going” parties.
  • Facebook is rolling out a much-needed update on their clicks and ad impression reporting. Unintentional clicks will no longer be considered as part of campaign metrics through measuring drop off rate.
  • They will be gradually rolling out a new update that will show users ads in the Messenger tab. These advertisements will most likely give the users the ability to either link directly to the advertiser’s website or start a new message thread with that company.
  • Video re-sharing has given creators the opportunity to reach new audiences. With such an emphasis on re-sharing, Facebook is now giving the system a facelift. Content creators will now be able to easily access metrics related to pages that are re-sharing their videos. Some capabilities have been stripped away from the re-sharer, such as retention graph, average watch time, and 30 seconds views.


  • Users may be starting to notice their notification bar is looking much more cluttered. Twitter has begun rolling out a new feature which puts an emphasis on trending news and topics among followers. This isn’t entirely new to Twitter, however, this information was previously used as strictly push notifications. Now, it is infiltrating where users find their personal notifications.


  • Snapchat has introduced multi-snap, a feature that allows users to continuously record video by holding down the shutter button. Snapchat will automatically break the video down into digestible 10-second segments that can be edited or removed.
  • Snapchat is quite literally taking the world by storm. The new Snap Map now allows users to find where their friends are located across the globe. Users will be given the opportunity to either share their location with friends, or stay hidden with Ghost Mode.


  • Enhanced targeting based on user profile activity is making its way to Instagram. Advertisers will now be given the power to create a custom audience based on previous videos. One of the more interesting aspects is the ability to target timid users with a follow-up campaign.
  • Business profiles can now access analytics and reports directly from the API. This is very good for businesses! This makes viewing detailed analytics and reports much easier.
  • Keep an eye out for banned hashtags. Before submitting a post, do your research and ensure that the hashtag you are using is not banned. While content with these hashtags is still viewable, its reach is severely limited.

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