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Pardot: A Better Way to Run Your Marketing Campaigns

Pardot: A Better Way to Run Your Marketing Campaigns

As a marketing agency in the digital age, there is a constant need to not only keep up with the latest advancements in the industry, but to build a team that can successfully implement them for the growth of the company and its clients. At Kraus Marketing, we have been doing a good amount of expanding recently, both in physical capacity and team resources. One of the latest endeavors of the team has been to certify a few members in a B2B marketing automation solution provided by Salesforce, known as Pardot. Pardot allows companies to create, deploy, and manage online marketing campaigns through one centralized platform. Taking advantage of a program like this will ultimately enable your team, and ours, to achieve more successful results from each active campaign.

Pardot works by pushing your business to take advantage of the resources already at hand and in place. They teach you how to implement them in a way that allow for higher revenue goals and increases sales/lead volume while better aligning the sales and marketing teams. It is designed for B2B organizations of all sizes.

To better understand the benefits of Pardot, let’s dive deeper into its core value propositions:

Grow Faster with Smarter Engagement

No company that focuses on generating sales leads wants closing a deal to be a drawn out process. Pardot assists with your sales cycle by offering your sales team the tools needed to close deals at a quicker rate. With the skills learned, you will be able to identify your best leads, track campaign engagement, and shorten follow-up times. Maintaining better control over your marketing campaigns will allow for a higher client retention rate in the future. 

Generate High-Quality Leads 

What good is your marketing campaign if you are failing to generate quality leads? Pardot provides your team a set of powerful marketing tools that can be used to easily create landing pages and forms, run efficient email campaigns, and personalize user experience. Do not waste your time with tools and platforms that will only end up producing spam or disingenuous leads.

Build Meaningful Relationships 

Let autopilot take the lead here. Stop spending time on manual labor with features like automated lead qualification and monitoring. This will allow your sales team to focus on bringing in business and allow your marketing team to follow through with in depth campaigns. Saving time and resources is beneficial for all parties involved, including clients.

Calculate marketing ROI 

Instead of using a guess and check method to track campaign performance, use Pardot’s customizable dashboard to develop a complete understanding of which components of your campaigns are working and what you can do to improve them for future success.

Are you looking to better streamline your business with Pardot? Kraus Marketing can help teach you how to properly integrate this third party service into your daily work flow, increasing leads and productivity. Learn more about adding this platform to your marketing campaign.

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