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Hurricane Harvey Relief: Legitimate Ways to Help From the Tristate Area

Hurricane Harvey Relief: Legitimate Ways to Help From the Tristate Area

With news of Hurricane Harvey dominating most major media outlets nationwide, it’s difficult not be overwhelmed by the recent disaster, especially with memories of Hurricane Sandy still fresh in the minds of many living in the tristate area. Doing the right thing is one of our core values at Kraus Marketing, so we have decided to donate $100 to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund on top of several personal donations amongst our staff. Want to help, but not sure how? We have compiled this list of legitimate ways that you can help support relief efforts as well as information on how to avoid charity scams.


Sharing about any of these organizations helps more than you may think. Use tags like #hurricaneharveyreliefchallenge #houstonstrong to be part of this important conversation

Monetary Donations

Mail-In Donation Items


Perhaps one of the saddest parts of disasters like this is knowing how many family pets are left behind during evacuation. St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center Airlifted approximately 78 dogs rescued from Texas into Morristown this week. Donations, volunteering, fostering, and adoption is needed! Dogs from this trip will also be help at the shelters below:

Don’t be Scammed

If you’d like to go for a smaller charity, be sure to do your research. Visit Charity Navigator to make sure their efforts are legitimate and that as much of your donation as possible is going where you want it to.