How Product Descriptions Affect E-commerce Success

How Product Descriptions Affect E-commerce Success

How Product Descriptions Affect E-commerce Success 1280 853 Kraus Marketing

5 Useful Tips To Improve Your E-commerce Product Descriptions

While product descriptions may seem to be nothing more than overlooked text, they can be the deciding factor in whether a customer purchases your product or not. Crafting honest, attention grabbing descriptions is a great way to persuade your customers to take the plunge while showcasing brand consistency and strengthening customer loyalty. Here are some tips to revamp your e-commerce product descriptions.

Pair Descriptions with Good Images

For the most part, people will base their decision to make a purchase off of the image displayed. They tend to turn to product descriptions if they are unsure and need to be persuaded by more information. This being said, having strong descriptions is the second line of defense after having an eye-catching product image. Make sure that the images of your products are professional looking (optimal lighting, angles, sized correctly, etc.) and are consistent with the rest of your website. Images that don’t accurately represent the product and highlight its benefits could lead to customer dissatisfaction or the complete loss of a potential buyer. This also goes for images that disrupt the style of the website.

Tailor Content Towards Your Intended Audience

Product descriptions are the online equivalent of a pitch from a salesperson; they’re your one line of communication with your customers to persuade them to invest in your product. Nowadays, people will more quickly warm up to content that feels more personal. With this in mind, avoid typing generic two-line statements that offer nothing more than false claims or bland details. Instead, write your descriptions with your customers thoughts and desires in mind. Why are they coming to your site? What do they want from this product? How can this product make their life better? Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and adopt a more personal voice in your writing; your product description should sound like you. Product descriptions are also a way to show brand consistency via the style you choose to write in. Having a unique brand voice makes you memorable.

Use Honest Keywords

Utilizing influential words can boost the persuasiveness of your descriptions. Including words like “amazing”, “miracle”, “magic,” and “quick” can make a simple description pop. Think of how your potential customer wants to feel after purchasing your product. For example, describing a simple dress as elegant and sensational could appeal to customers looking to appear as such. However, be wary of how you choose to do this – nothing looks worse than a glowing product description with nasty reviews underneath it. Be honest with your description by avoiding overselling it and, instead, highlighting your product’s strengths. When customers see that the claims you make are backed by reviews from other people, they begin to trust your company more and more. Also, using words like “you” and directly addressing the customer makes the content feel more personal. When they feel like they are being personally addressed and tailored to, they warm up and may be more likely to make the purchase.

Make Them Easy to Read

People don’t have time to read through every single description; they’ll scan for quick information and keywords to influence their decision. Formatting technical information in bullet points, for example, can make it easier for the customer to find relevant information quickly as opposed to seeing a huge chunk of words and deciding to look elsewhere because they didn’t want to read through it. Condensing all of the information into a cleaner format also ensures that you think through your descriptions thoroughly and only include the most relevant details.

Optimize Them Using SEO

Understanding how to leverage your website traffic using SEO is one of the most powerful tools you can employ. While research shows that keywords in product titles influence SEO more than including them in descriptions, using them in your descriptions won’t hurt. The more times a keyword pops up on your website for a customer, the more likely it will be visited and, in turn, pushed higher up in the search ranks. Just remember not to overuse your keywords, making your content look forced and possibly upsetting Google.

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