UX Design Myths

UX Design Myths

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Shedding Some Light On Common UX Design Myths

In today’s digital world, having a strong User Experience (UX) design is far from being an option anymore. Understanding its importance in building your brand is vital. After all, without happy customers, your business will flounder.

You must be mindful of any aspect of your digital footprint that will affect the way your clients navigate and interact with your brand. If you have any previous assumptions regarding UX design, here are some common UX design myths which may help to clarify things.

Myth #1: UX is the Same As UI

Although UX and User Interface (UI) go hand in hand, they are separate aspects of design that should not be confused. UI refers to actual design elements of the layout, such as colors, formatting, etc. UX addresses the user’s actual interaction, experience, and how they engage with a given website, product, or device. UX includes all components of a system – the website, applications, products, and service. It is a strategic design process used to create something that users are not only drawn to but can easily manipulate and understand. Still, properly designed UI is necessary for a product to have a successful UX.

Myth #2: UX Design is Expensive

While the option to spend a large sum of money on UX design is always there, there are still better options with just as great outcomes. The amount of money you spend does not quantify the quality of your design. However, this does not mean you should be stingy with how much you spend on a designer, as it will cost more money to hire another one to fix the initial design if done poorly. If you hire a good designer, they will likely be able to find the best option to suit your vision and your budget.

Myth #3: UX Design is All About Digital Product Design

The best UX designs are restricted to the confines of a screen. In reality, UX goes far beyond the screen. UX takes the user’s wants and needs into consideration, creating an overall experience that addresses issues both on and off the screen. It doesn’t end when the design is completed; each design is like an open-ended solution which can be altered and revised to suit users continually.

Myth #4: UX is Optional

UX is not the cherry on top that’s merely nice to have but not necessary; it is integrated into the design and the success of your brand. Companies cannot profit from subpar designs that are focused on usability and aesthetics alone. If they want users to have meaningful, memorable experiences with their brand, good UX design is not an option. The design should be inherently great rather than only good superficially.

Myth #5: UX Design Has to Be Original

With all of the resources accessible online, there’s no need to berate yourself over coming up with a new solution to a problem that several other designers have already encountered. This doesn’t mean that you should replicate others’ designs, but rather learn from certain aspects of them. The beauty of online collaboration is that we can participate in a reciprocal cycle of learning and sharing.

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