5 YouTube SEO Tools & How to Use Them

5 YouTube SEO Tools & How to Use Them

5 YouTube SEO Tools & How to Use Them1280960 Kraus Marketing

How to Use YouTube SEO Tools to Your Benefit

Like Google SEO practice, using YouTube SEO tools will benefit your brand by gaining higher placement in the search results pages (SERPs), broadening your audience reach, and boosting conversion rates.

Wondering if your brand should be adding YouTube into their marketing strategy? Check out these five statistics that prove YouTube is a top social platform that your brand shouldn’t ignore.

5 YouTube Usage Statistics You Should Know

1. YouTube is the Second-Most Visited Website in the World

Right behind its parent company, Google, YouTube is the world’s second most visited website and search engine. In fact, YouTube has around 2.3 billion users worldwide.

2. YouTube is the World’s Second-Most Used Social Platform

After Facebook, YouTube is the second most used social platform, with 79% of all internet users having YouTube accounts.

3. YouTube Influences Purchase Decisions

According to a Google and Talkshoppe based study of 2,000 users aged 18 to 64, 70% of users made purchases from a brand after seeing it on YouTube. Also, 90% of people say they discover new brands or products through YouTube ads.

4. YouTube is the Number 1 Platform for Digital Video Consumption

90% of US digital video viewers use YouTube, making this the platform of choice for all digital video consumption.

5. YouTube Daily Time Spend is 41.9 Minutes

On average, people aged 18 and over spend almost 42 minutes per day on YouTube. This includes usage on all devices such as mobile, desktop, TV, etc.

Why Does This Matter?

All of the statistics mentioned above prove that YouTube is a critical platform for brands and marketers alike. With over 2.3 billion users that spend over 40 minutes on the platform daily, this is a platform brands should be taking seriously.

Here are five ways to utilize YouTube SEO tools to ensure that your videos rank high in the SERPS:

5 YouTube SEO Tools Your Brand Should Implement

1. Name Your Video File with a Target Keyword

Similar to standard SEO practices, brands should be conducting keyword research to find those best suited for their content. By placing that keyword into the video file, YouTube will code the file and process that the video uploaded is relevant to the keyword used.

2. Title Your Video with a Target Keyword

Using that same keyword, make sure to insert it naturally into the title of the video. One of the first things that viewers look at when deciding to click a video is the title; therefore, the title should be clear, concise, and compelling. Adding the keyword into the video’s title will eventually boost the video in YouTube’s SERPS.

3. Optimize Your Video Description

YouTube allows a description of up to one thousand words, but it’s important to note that the platform only shows the first two to three lines under the video player. As a result, this description should be filled with essential links, call to actions, and keywords. By optimizing the video’s description, the video will be placed in the suggested video’s sidebar, which can significantly impact viewership.

4. Tag Keywords that Relate Your Video

Before uploading a video on YouTube, ensure that you’re tagging additional keywords related to the content. This will then help the platform understand the content and context of your video. This way, YouTube can place your video with others similar to it and broaden your reach.

5. Categorize Your Video

Lastly, categorizing your video under “Advanced Settings” will help YouTube group your video with similar videos and, in turn, places them on different playlists. This will help gain video exposure and reach more audiences.

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