What’s Up With Google Easter Eggs?

What’s Up With Google Easter Eggs?

What’s Up With Google Easter Eggs? 1280 854 Kraus Marketing

Humourous Google Easter Eggs Examples

If you’ve heard anything about Google Easter Eggs it’s likely you’re very confused by what they are. No, it doesn’t actually have to do with Easter, but it does have to do with Google accentuating some humor through its programming. Only specific search results will lead you to these mysterious Easter eggs and we assure you that you won’t be disappointed when you come across one. Read on to learn more about them and hear some of our favorite examples over the years.

What Are Google Easter Eggs?

Essentially, Google Easter Eggs are intentionally hidden messages, jokes, features, or video games implemented by Google developers. It’s likely you’ve stumbled upon an Easter Egg over the years spent using the search engine, but you might’ve not known what they were. They’re not exactly easy to find.

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7 Easter Egg Examples

The best way to understand Google Easter Eggs is through timeless examples. Here are some of our personal favorites.

  1. Unconnected Wi-Fi Dinosaur Game
    Have you ever noticed that little dinosaur that appears when your Wi-Fi is unconnected? Well, it’s there for a reason. If you press the space bar, the dinosaur begins running. Press the space bar to make the dinosaur jump over cacti that appear in his path.
  2. Definition of Askew?
    In the past, when searching for the definition of askew on Google, the search page will come up… askew. The entire search page will be tilted to exemplify the definition of askew: not in a straight or level position; awry.
  3. Definition of Anagram
    Another fun definition Easter Egg is for the word anagram, meaning a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of another word. When you search anagram, Google will ask if you meant to search nag a ram, which is obviously an anagram for the word anagram.
  4. ‘Is Google Down?’
    This one is rather funny. If you search ‘is google down?’ you’ll receive a very plain ‘no’ in response.
  5. Search ‘Google in 1998’
    When you search Google in 1998, the year the search engine originated, you’re taken to a visual of Google’s site in 1998. There’s also a link there that says ‘take me back to the present’ which returns you back to present Google when clicked.
  6. Search ‘Pacman’
    If you’re looking to play a classic old-time game, type in ‘Pacman’ on Google and it will provide an option to play the game at the top of the page.
  7. Search ‘Snake’
    Type in ‘snake’ and another classic old-time game appears. Just like the Pacman game, the snake game appears right under the search bar with a click to play option.

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It’s safe to anticipate Google won’t stop with the Easter eggs it has now. More likely, Google developers will only add to the list of hidden jokes and games as the years go on.

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