Should You Be Optimizing for Voice Search?

Should You Be Optimizing for Voice Search?

Should You Be Optimizing for Voice Search?1280853 Kraus Marketing

Ways to Begin Optimizing Your Business for Voice Search in 2019

According to Google, the famous search engine giant predicts that 50% of searches will be conducted using voice search by 2020. This statistically-backed data tells us that more and more people already make good use of it. For business owners specifically, this information basically screams to get a head start on adapting to this new search method. With 2019 right around the corner, the new year is the perfect time to begin optimizing for voice search.

Voice Search SEO: What is it?

In order to explain voice search SEO, it’s key to highlight what voice search is. This growing method of search allows users to ask questions using their voice. Doing so has rapidly changed the nature of SEO. A perfect example of voice search is Amazon’s popular Echo device. The commonly known Echo functions solely through voice searches and commands. Now, voice commands even function as normal ways to start the oven or turn off the lights. Its convenience is drawing people in, and it’s certainly here to stay.

If you know anything about SEO, you’re aware that you need a high-search, relevant keyword or phrase to bump up your Google ranking. In voice search, keywords are just as important, but they’re different than online search. Google’s voice search results depend on how relevant your site content is to the asker’s query. Since voice over uses word recognition, and people tend to ask long-winded questions, incorporating voice search SEO specific words is vital for success.

Why does this increase the importance of optimal SEO?

Consider how different you sound when you write your questions into Google search compared to how you say them out loud. They’re undeniably different, which makes search keywords a whole new playing field for digital marketing strategists. For one, studies show that voice searches are longer than text. Hence, longer keywords phrases and a bigger challenge for Google’s algorithm. Word search is the direction the world is moving in, so business owners must be adaptable to this new style. Not only does your website need keywords appropriate for online search, but it also needs keywords for voice search to capture its evolving customers.

Optimizing For Voice Search

  • Comprehensive content. All site content should be comprehensive and clear. Google will reward this effort since it wants to suggest sites that are straight to the point for this search method. The clearer your site’s message, the more likely it is to appear in search results.
  • Question-oriented keywords. It’s shown that people tend to ask questions more than they state commands using voice search. The language used for this search is very natural as if the asker were speaking to a real person. This language is the opposite of online search, where language is more simple and robotic. For instance, if you were searching for a flower delivery service nearby, you might search “flower delivery service near me.” Alternatively, through voice search, you might ask, “what’s the quickest flower delivery service near me?” The intent is similar, but the search is very different.
  • Length and specificity. Now that searches are through naturally asked human questions, it’s crucial to consider more lengthy and specific phrases. Be concise in your content and tailor it tightly toward what you offer as a business. Put yourself in the consumers’ shoes. What questions would you ask about your business if you were in need of your services?
  • Take advantage of local search. Make sure all of your local business information is in Google so nearby consumers can easily find you. Include your contact number and note your proximity to known landmarks. Many searchers will ask for things nearby, and when they do, you want to be the first to pop up on their list.
  • Make use of your current keywords. It’s smart to analyze what’s working for you right now. What keywords draw consumers to your site? You can detect which ones are the most successful through analytics, and then flip them into questions.

Although voice search SEO is still fairly new, it isn’t completely uncharted territory. Businesses are already implementing site content changes to adapt to the rising trend. It’s wise to get on board now since it’s only still on the rise. This way, there’s breathing room for some trial and error, and your business is equipped for what’s to come.

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