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Consumer Product Case Study

Increasing revenue through enhanced email campaigns & SEO focused tactics

Our Client:
Logic Vapes is a US-based vape and e-cig brand subsidiary of parent company Japan Tobacco International, a global tobacco company.

Logic is one of the most popular electronic cigarette brands in the country, marketing especially to adult vapers on-the-go with busy city lifestyles. Their primary products include simple-to-use devices and prefilled capsules and cartridges (device refills).

In particular, Logic is a proud favorite of New York adult vapers and consumers in the surrounding area. However, as of July 1, 2020, online sales of Logic products are prohibited in the State of New York. They are still available for purchase in retail stores in New York.

Project Info:

Logic Vapes US
Email Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Website Design & Development
1st Place
Digital Media: Email Blast
1st Place
Email Campaign (Multiple Years!)

Campaign Goals:

The goal was to boost brand recognition in a competitive space, drive website traffic, and increase sales of products through email marketing, SEO-focused practices, and the creation of optimized articles and landing pages.

Each month, Kraus created email campaigns to advertise promotions and deals, encourage of age consumers to purchase products, and drive traffic to SEO articles and evergreen content.

In addition, SEO articles and evergreen content would serve to educate adult consumers about Logic products, recurring promotions, vape maintenance, vaping FAQs, and the benefits of creating a Logic account.

These digital marketing efforts could help Logic stand out from its competitors as the logical choice for responsible adult vapers.

Logic Pro Imagery

Logic has seen a tremendous amount of growth since working with Kraus. The power of SEO and email marketing is evident in their stats, illustrating that even highly regulated consumer products can benefit from these long-term marketing strategies.

Overall Website Highlights

Current Year vs. Previous Year:

Increase In Organic Traffic

Increase In Organic Traffic To Homepage

Increase In Total Site Visits

Increase In Total Unique Site Visits

Email Marketing Highlights

Current Year vs. Previous Year:

Increase In Pages Per Session

Increase In Total Unique Site Visits


As one can see from the highlights above, Logic’s increased digital marketing efforts have proven to be a great success. Our email marketing and SEO efforts have helped propel this vape and e-cig brand to the forefront of the vaping world, making them a trusted name among responsible adult vapers. We continue to work on this campaign, knowing that our premium-quality content and marketing strategy will provide value to this brand and its customers nationwide.

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