Saima America

Saima America, a brand of Saima of North America Inc, focuses their business on engineered finishing systems. Their core business is designing high-performance and reliable solutions for areas that require high levels of physical security and controlled management of human traffic flow.

Client Challenge

Saima America came to Kraus with a challenge: to elevate their website, email marketing campaigns, and social media creative. Recognizing the growing importance of digital marketing in today’s business landscape, Saima America sought a partner who could help them create engaging content that would resonate with their target audience and strengthen their brand identity.

The Kraus Solution

Kraus built a user-friendly website for Saima America, transforming it into a central hub that showcases their high-security access control solutions and streamlines the user journey for potential customers.

From here, Kraus crafted a multifaceted strategy to enhance Saima America’s digital presence. We designed a suite of customizable email templates for event promotions and employee spotlights. These templates ensure consistent branding and messaging across all their email campaigns, fostering a professional and recognizable image.
We additionally created eye-catching social graphics specifically tailored to promote Saima America’s event conferences. These graphics are designed to maximize engagement on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, reaching a wider audience and generating interest in upcoming events.

Through this comprehensive approach, Kraus Marketing not only provided Saima America with a central website but also empowered them with effective digital communication tools to elevate their brand and connect with their target audience.

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