Kimmerle Group

The Kimmerle Group is a large architectural design company that also deals with real estate development and planning. The firm also has six affiliated divisions that deal with specialties in the same division. The Kimmerle Group was founded in 1990.

With offices in Harding Township and New York City, the mission of the Kimmerle Group is to provide professional services focused on strategic objectives and goals of our clients focused on architectural services. The Kimmerle Group has a big involvement in non-profit causes. The Kimmerle Group deals with the larger concerns of work, health, environment and sustainability.

Client Challenge

Client had a website with hundreds of projects. The old site was hard to navigate, outdated and impossible to update.

The Kraus Solution

We created a large background website with minimalist design so the projects of the Kimmerle Group could stand as the main focus. Using WordPress to Web Design the site, we created a CMS including many customized plugins for easier navigation. The result of this redesign was a brand new Mobile Responsive Website that includes a highly functional portfolio which allows for the Kimmerle Group to continue as a leading New Jersey/New York architectural design firm.

Kimmerle Portfolio

Kimmerle Branding

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