Powerball League

The United Powerball League, founded in 2016 and based out of Morristown, is the only international league dedicated to the sport of Powerball and the advancement of modern field handball. The league was designed to help formalize the regulations of field handball and to organize tournaments on professional and amateur levels.

Client Challenge

The client was in need of a new logo not only for the league itself, but for each of its nine clubs (Virginia, Georgia, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Illinois, North Carolina, and Washington D.C.).

The Kraus Solution

Kraus worked on creating ten modern and visually appealing logos to help the league draw in new players. We also worked on 3D rendering for their arenas, that showed where the goals, seating, and field logos would be placed.

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United Powerball Jersey Design
United Powerball Aerial Field Mockup
United Powerball Stand Mockup

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