Car Wash

Client Challenge

Morristown Car Wash came to Kraus Marketing in the midst of opening a third location called Morris County Hand Wash. This location focused on the technique of hand washing instead of your typical car wash, making it a more high-end experience.

In order to draw hype for the new location, and to promote their overall brand, they requested our branding services along with a custom logo that could work for all three of their locations.

The Kraus Solution

The design team at Kraus came up with a logo showcasing a 1958 corvette. The logo was then stylized to match the time period of the corvette and the overall feel of the brand (a family-owned and operated car wash). We then created multiple print collateral pieces for the client to distribute, including business cards, brochures, stickers, etc.

Morristown Car Wash Poster Design

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