Using Images and Visuals In Your Marketing Strategy

Using Images and Visuals In Your Marketing Strategy

Using Images and Visuals In Your Marketing Strategy 850 565 Kraus Marketing

Images and visuals aren’t going anywhere, so get with the picture.

If you ask any marketing professional, they’ll tell you that content is king, especially in regards to digital marketing. While many organizations are still concerned with selling, promoting and pitching a product, many others have focused on enhancing the overall customer experience by providing them with relevant and valuable information. Over the past several years, images and visuals have become increasingly popular marketing tools. Today, it has now become a necessity to incorporate visual content into your organization’s marketing strategy.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Images and Visuals are great ways to communicate with your audiences because photos help tell a story. Just as how people develop relationships, visual storytelling provides opportunities for businesses to deliver good and last experiences that promote brand awareness, build trust, from loyalty, and help engage the communities that they build. Images also have the potential to spark curiosity or interest in your audience. Imagine you have a new product that comes in an unusual shape or color. A customer may be more inclined to investigate it if they see it because the written word might not be able to spark interest.

Humanizing Your Brand

Many marketers often rely on and use boring stock photos instead of creating original photos because it’s quick and easy. However, this may not actually be the best approach because it may come across as lazy to audiences. More importantly, it may hide the uniqueness of your company. Recent trends show that users are attracted to content and services that they can relate to; thus, customers like to see the human side of a brand.

Using real photos of real people and events showcases your brand’s personality and may make your audience more likely to engage because they understand your goals, employees and values. Once they see the human side of your company, it will lead to a deeper connection and relationship between the consumers and your brand.

Creating Original Photos with Instagram

Instagram is a photo-sharing mobile app for the iPhone and Android smartphones that not only allows you to create your own photos, but to manipulate your photo as well. Creating your own visual content has never been so easy because there are a variety of filter effects, a simple snapshot can turn into an artistic masterpiece. After you have transformed your photo, you can add a caption and then share it across multiple social platforms and integrate your simple snapshot into your marketing strategy.

Pin it to Win it on Pinterest

Think of Pinterest as a virtual bulletin board that you “pin” content that you find interesting. Pinterest is a platform that allows users to share and save content to virtual collections called pinboard – or rather boards for short. Marketers utilize this social media platform because people can see and follow your “boards” to see what your organization has to offer. To succeed with Pinterest, you need to publish great content for people to pin whether it is an interesting photograph, hilarious video or an informative Infographic.

Pinterest is an excellent source for potential inbound links to your website. If your visual content is interesting, then people will pin it from your website or re-pin it on Pinterest; which, in turn, will drive traffic to your site. Finally, Pinterest also has the potential to humanize your brand because it shows your audiences content that you find interesting. Since Pinterest is also frequently used to share things that aren’t your products or services, people are able to interact socially with you on why you like the product.

Create an Infographic

Do you have information or data that you wanted to communicate to your audiences, but you are afraid that your readers will be unable to digest the lengthy-and perhaps boring-information? Infographics can help solve that issue. An infographic is a visual chart or diagram that represents and organizes enormous data or information. A well-designed infographic can help simplify a long boring subject and turn it into a captivating experience.

Marketers enjoy using this graphic tool because it is a quick way to deliver information to buyers and it can easily be shared across a variety of social networks. More importantly, it allows the creator to be creative or humorous and organize the data into anyway they desire.

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