Facebook Reveals a New Advertising Feature Marketers Will Love

Facebook Reveals a New Advertising Feature Marketers Will Love

Facebook Reveals a New Advertising Feature Marketers Will Love 851 564 Kraus Marketing

The social media giant, Facebook, is releasing a new feature just for marketers.

Some may say that Facebook is the king of social media. Think about it, if someone is part of one digital community, it will most likely be Facebook. Facebook is known for creating new developments to improve their users experience. They have recently announced that they are in the process testing a new feature called “Facebook Lead Ads” that are being developed specifically for mobile devices. This new feature will be beneficial to both marketer and the consumer, here’s why.

The Best For Both Worlds

A marketer and a consumer have two totally different labels, but working together could prove to be advantageous for both of them. The marketer could provide a great product or service to the consumer, which could enable the consumer to become more productive and more lucrative. The consumer could also become a loyal client to the brand that helps keep the business going. Facebook Lead Ads attempts to facilitate this connection by presenting the Facebook user with a simple two-step process to contact a company to receive price estimates, information on a product, or newsletter updates.

How Does It Work?

We already see advertisements on Facebook, but it is now being reported that Facebook is working on improving the content of these ads to become more relevant to the user’s interests. This feature is said to incorporate a native advertising approach, which means ads will be better incorporated into what we are reading, making them a bit less intrusive.

This mobile feature is also meant to cater towards direct marketing advertising, which focuses on users clicking on ads rather than just seeing them. Recent reports have determined that during 2014, 59% of the $50.1 billion was spent on direct advertising digital ads. Ads will be able to be purchased by thousands of impressions or pay-per-click and will follow the same profit collection process and guidelines that Facebook has already established.

As the user comes across an ad that they are interested in, they are able to collect information with just two taps! All they do is click subscribe and then submit. The company will then receive your inquiry and be able to assist you. The catch is the marketer must be able to create captivating ads that represent their brand and engage the user, which in turn capture leads. The user is able to set up the information that they want to provide to a company in their settings ahead of time.

They are also able to designate different information, other than what appears on their actual Facebook page, for companies to receive so that all of their business contacts are kept in one area. Facebook says that they have a strict policy of not sending out any information until the user clicks submit, and the marketers is also restricted from selling information to third parties.

Why Facebook Lead Ads?

This feature should lead to a major increase in Facebook conversions for a few reasons. As mentioned before, Facebook Lead Ads benefits both the marketer and consumer by connecting them with just two taps. Being that this will be implemented on mobile devices it will allow the user to stay in the app, and on the page they are reading. They will not have to wait for a page to load, but most importantly they will not have to fill out a contact form from scratch, and let’s face it who enjoys filling out forms? Overall, Facebook Lead Ads will make many conventional steps of connecting with a company obsolete.

It is important for businesses to be aware of these up and coming trends. Here at Kraus Marketing we specialize in digital marketing management and advertising strategies, including pay-per-click. Our team can help develop, and manage your business’ advertising. Take your business to the next level and stand out form your competition. Give us a call at (973) -998-5742 or contact us online at www.KrausMarketing.com.

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