Top Ten Social Media Podcasts

Top Ten Social Media Podcasts

Top Ten Social Media Podcasts 850 350 Kraus Marketing

The Top Ten Social Media Podcasts, According To Our Social Media Manager.

Social media is constantly changing. Social media has changed the way we acquire information to the way we interact with one another. Podcasts are a great way to stay up to date with the latest information. At Kraus Marketing, we had our social media manager, Chris, analyze some of the best podcasts out there in regards to social media, SEO and digital marketing. Take a look at his top ten list of what he thinks are the best ones to listen to in 2015. These are in no particular order either:

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“Six Pixels of Separation”

Mitch Joel is a well-respected digital marketer who focuses his podcast by meeting with great influencers of digital marketing and discussing topics that will keep you ahead of the game. You can listen to his podcast here:

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“Social Triggers Insider”

This isn’t your normal podcast. Many people who produce podcasts feel like they must create one once a week or once a day to stay relevant. The refreshing thing about Derek Halpern’s podcast is that he only publishes a podcast when he has something intelligent to say. He focuses his podcast around information and has a broad spectrum of idea topics from pleasing everyone around to great marketing and psych tactics. Listen in here:

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“Inside PR”

This podcast, hosted by Gini Detrich, Joseph Thornley and Martix Waxman does what it sounds like; it discusses public relations. Every good marketer knows the value of PR and these three really break down the struggles that PR faces in regards to professionals and understanding what drives public relations in regards to social media, sales, marketing, advertising and so on. They can be heard here:

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“The True Voice Media Podcast”

This podcast is run by a man named Jeff Gibbard. He hosts a phenomenal digital podcast for marketers. He talks about everything from social media, public relations and being an entrepreneur. You can listen in here:

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“SEO 101”

For my SEO friends out there, listen up! Do you find it hard to keep up with changing SEO trends? Do you even SEO? This is perfect for beginners. Ross Dun and John Carcutt can provide you with a quick tutorial of what SEO is and how to easily get your feet wet on the topic. They keep it in layman’s term so everyone can understand. Great podcast to tune in to:

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“For Immediate Release (FIR)”

This is one of my personal favorites. The show is produced every Monday and Thursday by UK based Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz, residing in California. The duo tag-teams social media issues that arise on the day of that show along with covering PR and tech topics as well. They can be found in the app store under “For Immediate Release.”

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“Connected Social Media”

This is a great one whether you’re a blogger, social media manager, customer engaged in social or anyone else that uses social media. They can be found at and provide you with executives who discuss how their companies are constantly keeping up with social media and changing their strategies.

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“The Friday Hangout”

This next one has expert guests each week and inject a ton of humor into their show. I love people who don’t take themselves or their podcast too seriously. I’m talking about The Friday Hangout with Janet Fouts, Adam Helweh and Steve Farnsworth. They are very informative when it comes to branding, PR and social media. You can listen in at:

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“Social Media Unscramble”

This was probably the first podcast I started listening to when I got into the field. Chris Curran & David Deutsch have an interactive radio show and podcast that helps social media make sense. They discuss trends, features and give tips for direct social platforms. They hear interviews with bloggers and experts and also answer your questions. Check them out here:

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“Marketing Over Coffee”

Last but certainly not least, I suggest Marketing Over Coffee with your hosts Chris Penn and John Wall. I love coffee personally; I could drink a pot by myself. In digital marketing, who doesn’t love coffee though? What makes these two different is that they share marketing tips in chunks so you can down your cup of Joe and get on with your day. They discuss a lot with industry leaders and focus on tech as well. Have a cup with them here:

And these are my top ten. If you have any others that you think should be added to this list, get in touch with me and let me know. You can tweet me at @KrausMktg, email: or call me at (973) 998-5742.

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