The Rise of Video Marketing in Social Media

The Rise of Video Marketing in Social Media

The Rise of Video Marketing in Social Media 849 430 Kraus Marketing

Video marketing is slowly becoming an essential to your media campaign – what marketers need to know!

Social media has truly made the world much smaller. With digital communities such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, distance is no longer an issue and it is easier to connect with others from all over the globe. Due to the sheer, massive amounts of people integrating into these digital communities, video marketing has become quite a popular trend. Large companies like Nestle, Lexus and Ford have noticed this increasingly popular trend and have thus increased their budgets to fund more video marketing campaigns. The use of video marketing is not simply a fad because marketers have predicted that the use of videos in campaigns will rise 30% in the next year. With this being said, let’s talk about some of the great benefits that video marketing can bring to marketing strategies.

Why Video?

If you ask any marketer, they can write numerous articles about the benefits of video marketing. To put it simply, viewers quickly watch a video to gain information on what they are looking for. Studies show that readers are more likely to retain information from visuals rather than words.

As you develop your marketing strategy, you should ask yourself: What kind of video should you create? What message do I want to market? What will be the most effective way to reach my target audience? Here are several types of videos you can develop that will increase awareness, build credibility and establish trust with customers.

How To Videos:

These videos explain the proper way to use products, and include important trouble shooting tips. These videos have proven to reduce returns and phone servicing costs because this allows customers to search for your product and figure out their mishaps on their own.

Virtual Office and Warehouse Tours:

These videos allow curious customers to see exactly how your business functions. These videos can boast your effectiveness of delivering a product to a satisfied customer as well as explaining the innovation your brand has developed to complete this process. This produces a stronger personal connection between the consumer and the business, which potentially leads to more loyal customers and increases your ROI.

Product Demonstration Videos:

These provide the consumer with information that may help them during their initial search of purchasing a product. Studies show that 52% of customers say they use product videos to help them make a purchase.

Bring Your Social Media To The Next Level:

We live in a fast paced society where people are always on the move, which makes the use of mobile devices very popular. Reports have shown that people access their social media accounts multiple times throughout the day. Due to its popularity, social media is an excellent medium to funnel information through. Facebook reported that there are approximately 4 billion videos viewed daily with 75% of these views through mobile phones.

Utilizing social media allows you to reach a large, well-targeted audience. People who follow social media accounts do so because they are interested and loyal to the brands they follow. Studies have also shown that the consumer is more responsive to posts that let them choose to read or watch, and are more likely to engage in the post. Increased engagement then has the possibility to increase conversions and sales. When a consumer is satisfied by company posts, they are more likely to share these videos with others; thereby, spreading your company’s message to other audiences that you may not be reaching.

Do It Right:

In order for video marketing to be effective, it must be done correctly. Like everything else you include in your content strategy, go for quality over quantity. Don’t include a video for the sake of having a video. It will not benefit your consumer and it may actually hurt your brand in the long run. Here are elements that you should not overlook when creating your video.

Have a clear title:

Your video title should be clear, direct and in no way misleading. If the viewer does not know what they are about to view they will simply look somewhere else. If they feel like they have been tricked, it will only aggravate them.

The video must give the viewer value:

If it does not answer a question or provide them with information, they will be annoyed that you wasted their time. This will reflect poorly towards you brand’s image.

Your video should not be a sales pitch:

People do not want to be nagged by your videos that are screaming at them to buy your product. The video should draw the consumer in by educating them about what you offer, followed by a chance for them to make a purchase.

The video should be search engine optimized:

Your video should contain proper keywords and descriptions so that it can be boosted to the top of Google’s search results page. If your video is optimized with a post to fit a certain search keywords it will gain more awareness.

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