5 Ways to Heat Up Your Summer Marketing Strategy

5 Ways to Heat Up Your Summer Marketing Strategy

5 Ways to Heat Up Your Summer Marketing Strategy 849 570 Kraus Marketing

The seasons are changing and so must your marketing efforts. Use these tips for your Summer Marketing Strategy.

Summer is a magical time of year; it’s when people like to get out and soak up the sun. The children are out of school, vacations are planned and there are numerous community events scheduled. But summer can also be a slow season for many businesses. As the seasons change, so do our habits: people are more relaxed and may not be in the “office” mindset.

But businesses should not be put-off by this potential lower revenue in sales. Instead they should use the slower pace to create new, unique marketing tactics to adapt to the season change. Here are 5 marketing tips that businesses should consider when creating their new summer marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing

Capture Leads, Generate Sales & Find New Customers

Capturing relevant information about customers, fans, followers, and friends enable us to create more personalized interactions. In turn, we can better understand how to provide the best possible experience for our target audience.


Go Mobile

The weather is getting warmer and people are spending more and more time outside at beaches, events and parks after being stuck inside during the frigid winter months. A mobile responsive website is the answer. Many people still use laptops and computers, but there has been a large shift in mobile searches. A mobile responsive platform is a great way to increase traffic during the summer because viewers will be able to easily access information while they’re relaxing at the beach.

We are a full-service digital marketing agency looking to take your campaign or project from concept to finished product, assuring no detail is overlooked along the way.


Reevaluate Which Social Media to Use

No matter where your audience goes during the summer, they will probably still be on social media. They will still be taking photos, uploading videos, sharing links, and displaying their summer adventures. However, there may be some social media platforms that people are less likely to use during summer, such as LinkedIn and Google+.

When developing a content strategy for the summer months, you should utilize social media sites that put great emphasis on visual and video content; for instance, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Since your audience is out and about, they are less likely to read content such as a blog post. Instead, they are more likely to watch a video or look at a picture since it requires less effort.


Try New Ideas to Boost Engagement

Just because business might be stagnant doesn’t mean you should abandon your audience. Instead of attempting to sell to them, why not try increasing their engagement? Engaging with your customers will show them that you are still thinking about them, which will strengthen their loyalty towards you. It’s up to your business to think of unique tactics to increase engagement.

Social Media Contests

Holding a contest is a good way to generation buzz among new and existing audience members. Try asking them to submit photos or videos of their weekend and vacations.


#Hashtags aren’t exclusive to Twitter. They have been integrated in Instagram, Facebook, and even Google+. Brands have been inventing new catchy #hashtags because they have become the easiest way to search for content. This summer, try creating a unique #hashtag to draw in user engagement!


Ask your customers about their questions and opinions! This will allow you to familiarize yourself with your audience. Ask them what cool locations they will be vacationing to this summer or what their plans for the weekend are. Once they tell you, respond to keep the conversation and engagement flowing.


Community Involvement

There are a vast amount of outdoor events during summer! Whether it is a town carnival, summer sporting league or even a charitable event, becoming involved in these events is an excellent way to showcase your community involvement. In turn, this will raise awareness for your brand. Your company’s involvement also allows you to strengthen your relationships with your local audience and coworkers in a fun way.


Build Momentum for Autumn

Although summer may be a slow season for business, it is the perfect time to plant the seeds for your bigger plans during fall and winter. Use the downtime of summer to network with new and potential clients, spread awareness and generate buzz for a new product or event that will be launched once the slow season ends.

Here at Kraus Marketing, we lead the way in social media management and strategy development. Our highly experienced team is able to adapt to any business’ needs, and provide them with a service that will bring them awareness even during the summer season. Let us heat up your social media and marketing strategies for the approaching summer season. For more information contact us at (973) 998-5742 or online at www.KrausMarketing.com.

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