5 E-commerce Design Trends NJ

5 E-commerce Design Trends NJ

5 E-commerce Design Trends NJ 870 350 Kraus Marketing

2016 E-commerce Website Design Trends For NJ Business Owners

E-commerce website designs are constantly changing, and this is due to the demand from consumers for E-commerce services. Over the past few years, online shopping has increased substantially. Today, everyone shops online, not only during holiday seasons but throughout the year when online retailers are offering huge discounts. Business owners in NJ should make sure that their website designs are up to standards with the latest design trends.

There are a lot of factors that can influence visitors to make a purchase, such as website design, layout and overall look and feel. It’s important that your visitor’s first impression of your site is a good one, otherwise they will leave and visit your competitor’s website instead. This is why it’s important that you keep up with the last web design trends.

  1. Common User Interface Design Patterns

In software development, a design pattern is a reusable solution to common website issues. On the other hand, user interface design patterns are possible solutions to common user interface challenges, like creating a navigation menu that is easy to use on mobile devices. Website design pattern continuity is important because it can help improve user experience and increase sales. This is something that designers today are starting to notice and move towards while designing E-commerce websites.

  1. Card and Card-Like Layouts

In website design, a “card” encapsulates text, images and other relevant sources that are associated with a single topic. Cards can allow you to organize topics in a way that is pleasing and user-friendly. Cards are just one of the many design trends that will be more prevalent in 2016. A great example of this is the Lord & Taylor website, in which cards are used to display categories & products. This kind of layout simplifies the complexities of E-commerce website designs.

  1. Pop-ups and Interruption Merchandising

Pop-ups are known for being intrusive and extremely annoying, they can also be deceptive and infect your computer with malware. However, pop-ups are making a come back. E-commerce websites use pop-ups to offer discounts in exchange for joining an email list or following the company on social media.

This will allow E-commerce website owners to have an email list that they can send monthly newsletters to about their services or any kind of promotion or discounts they’re running. Also, this is another way to sell to customers who you know are interested in your services and will continue to make purchases.

  1. Large Photography & Videos

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying a “picture is worth a thousand words.” In 2016 consumers will start to see E-commerce sites with large pictures and more video content. This is because it’s easier for some visitors to make a purchase and have a better understanding of your services. So, it’s good to have a mixture of both types of content in order to help you reach a wider audience.

  1. Dynamic Views

Most websites display or lists products in a way that is static, meaning they are laid out on the server and delivered to the user’s web browser. When the shopper makes a change to an option, the browser sends a request to the server and gets a new static page. In 2016, more E-commerce websites will start to use dynamic views.


The design & layout of your website is important and can be the difference between losing and making a sale. Your E-commerce website should have a look and feel that is visually appealing to your visitors. This will help improve the overall performance of your website. With that being said, be on the lookout for these website design trends in 2016.

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